Why I love my new job as a Kumon Instructor

Jun 2015
"The most rewarding element is seeing how the children are starting to grow in ability and confidence."

Davina Foord became the Instructor at the Kumon Maidstone South Study Centre in April 2015. Having been a Kumon parent, Davina was delighted when a centre became available in her area as it allowed her to combine her love for education with her desire to own her own business. She now draws on her own experiences of being a Kumon parent to offer support and encouragement to parents at her centre.

Davina said: "I first came across Kumon through a recommendation from a friend, whose daughter was studying both the Kumon Maths and English Programmes. My friend told me that her daughter's maths had immeasurably improved with the programme.

"With my own daughter beginning to struggle with her maths and really wanting to support her as much as I could, I started to do my own research into the Kumon Method. I thought it sounded really promising and I soon enrolled my daughter at a local study centre on the maths programme.

"Within a few months I had noticed not only a significant improvement in her maths ability, but I also saw her confidence hugely increase as a result, which was lovely to see.

"From having an aversion to maths to actually starting to enjoy it was another real benefit of the programme. She was finding class work and homework much easier, and was also starting to develop into an independent learner which of course is another advantage of the Kumon Method.

"When I found out that a Kumon franchise was available in my local area, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to combine my love and passion for education, particularly children's education and my desire to start my own business. I particularly welcomed the support I received with the franchise model and the advantages of being part of a large and already well-established and respected, international educational brand.

"I love my new job as an Instructor! The most rewarding element is seeing how the children are starting to grow in ability and confidence, and receiving positive feedback from both the students and their parents.

"One student said to me after his first lesson "I really like this class!" That made it all worthwhile. Parents are already starting to notice an improvement in their children's motivation and attitude towards learning, and word of mouth is now beginning to spread with a number of new students having been recommended by a parent with a student already at the centre.

"Being a Kumon parent has undoubtedly helped in communicating the benefits of the Kumon programmes to new parents. I'm able to draw on my own experiences of being a Kumon parent and can offer new parents tips and encouragement on how to support their child through the programme, from a parent, as well as an Instructor perspective. I'm aware of the challenges parents face in establishing a successful daily study routine and can offer support, having been there myself."

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