Kumon is the most rewarding and perfect career choice for me

Mar 2015
"One of the most rewarding things about being an Instructor is when a child learns something new."

Sam Ahmed has been the Instructor at the Kumon Chingford North Study Centre since 2009. Before becoming an Instructor, Sam worked in the field of Psychology at City University in London, where she was a tutor in Psychology and Statistics, and carried out research in the field.

She was inspired to become a Kumon Instructor after her eldest daughter began studying the Kumon Maths Programme at the age of five. Sam was impressed with how positively her daughter responded to some of the key elements of the programme such as daily study and practice. Sam saw her daughter grow in confidence and ability, and felt strongly that becoming an Instructor herself would be the most rewarding and perfect career choice for her.

She tells us about her time as an Instructor and how the role of a Kumon parent is extremely important.

Sam says: "When I conduct enrolments with parents, I am able to empathise with them as I am a Kumon parent myself. It is important the parent is involved throughout their child's Kumon journey. Making sure your child does their corrections every day is arguably the most important and challenging part of the child's learning. I feel parents should see their involvement as a benefit - at school you may not know what your child is doing in class, but at Kumon you can monitor their progress and that's a unique benefit. I provide feedback on a regular basis and always encourage parents to call me if they have problems. We also have a yearly awards ceremony at the centre where the efforts of all Kumon families are recognised.

"My daughter started grammar school this year and I asked her whether she felt Kumon had helped her achieve her place. Her response was very positive and clear-cut; she said studying Kumon from a young age had helped her become strong in maths and English and had given her good concentration skills and independent learning abilities. These were all skills which helped her tackle the 11+ exams comfortably. She often comes home from school now to say very proudly that she had finished ahead of everyone in class because she had covered the topic in Kumon, and was able to move onto something else.

"One of the most rewarding things about being an Instructor is when a child learns something new and is extremely happy with themselves. Some children may not enjoy a certain aspect of a subject, but give them practice, time and praise and they can develop into children who absolutely love a subject they previously loathed. For me, being a good Instructor is about guiding children successfully through their learning so they no longer feel anxious, scared or nervous about their studies, but instead feel excited about the prospect of learning something new.

"My vision at my centre is to nurture students to complete the Kumon Maths and English Programmes, including my own children. I would love to see some of my current students finish the programmes, go on to excel in their studies at school and return one day to tell me all about their successes. Nothing would make me more proud as an Instructor."