“With Kumon, I am making a greater difference by helping to shape children’s futures through supplementary education”

Jan 2022

In 2022, Minal Patel from the Kumon Pinner Study Centre celebrates her ten-year anniversary of being a Kumon Instructor! She remains as passionate and enthusiastic about Kumon and working with students today, as when she first decided to become an Instructor, a decade ago. Having also recently moved her centre to a permanent and custom designed premise in North Harrow, in North West London, it’s certainly an exciting time in her Kumon Instructor journey.

When she was growing up, Minal had watched her father run a small family business, so she already had a good grounding and had always felt encouraged and inspired to have a business of her own one day. She went on to develop a successful career in accountancy, as well as marrying and starting a family.

Some years later, while researching and seeking supplementary education for her daughter, Minal discovered Kumon through a family member. Minal enrolled her daughter at a local Kumon centre and was incredibly impressed by the method of learning. Later, she also enrolled her son to the Kumon early learner programme, at the very young age of 22 months, and today, aged eight - he is excelling through the maths programme; so much so, he regularly supports his peers in his maths class at school! 

Minal told us,

“I was recommended Kumon for my daughter by a family friend, as I’d also been looking for supplementary education after trying traditional tuition for her. After three months, I could already see the benefits of Kumon study first-hand.

I’m originally from India and I found the discipline and learning style of the Kumon Method similar to the education style I’d experienced in my own childhood and it was very relatable to me. I felt inspired and wanted to support other children with their supplementary education after witnessing my daughter’s achievements in just three months.” 

Minal went on enquire and find out more about the Kumon Method. When the opportunity to train to become an Instructor presented itself, she felt that it could be really the chance to have her own a small business she’d been looking for. 

Explaining what she finds most rewarding as a Kumon Instructor, Minal told us,

“I feel like I am changing lives when I am working with children. You know you’ve had an impact on a student when they become quietly confident in their Kumon study and begin to fly through the levels. The miracle ‘ah-ha!’ moment happens after studying the programme for some time; with perseverance, great results appear. I love the Kumon Method because I believe it helps to change a child's thought process; it’s not limited to developing their maths and English abilities but helps them to become well equipped for their future and provides great life skills.

“As an Instructor, I encourage my students with daily Kumon study which often plays an integral part in their daily routine. Additionally, I often tell my students they can relate Kumon to everything, whether it’s their schoolwork or extracurricular activities such as piano practice, swimming or running a marathon; ‘practice makes perfect'. As a Kumon Instructor, I am part of the jigsaw puzzle in shaping children to become respectable citizens of society.” 

Minal has recommended many acquaintances to also train become a Kumon Instructor. From this, her husband, Tushar, felt motivated to become a Kumon Instructor, too! Today, Tushar successfully runs the Kumon Harrow South Study Centre. 

Minal has many responsibilities as a Kumon Instructor, with no day turning out the same. She expressed, 

“There’s no set routine as a Kumon Instructor and outside of my class times, I put a lot of effort into planning and work setting. All the hard work and effort behind the scenes is worth it when I start to witness a child blossom and transform their ability. I love managing enrolments and working with my new and current families to help their children progress through the levels. I have a wonderful team at the centre, many of whom have been with me since I opened the centre 10 years ago, even including current students and their parents.” 

Looking ahead, Minal shared her future aspirations for her centre with us: 
“I couldn’t be happier after recently moving into a commercial venue; I love it, my students love it! I aspire to continue welcoming many more families to the centre, offering a personalised service for the local community and helping to change lives.”

Lastly, Minal’s advice to those looking to become a Kumon Instructor is: 

“Ensure to engage and learn as much as possible from the ongoing Instructor training. The training is a great way to understand the programme in-depth, and more so from a student’s perspective. Make the most of every opportunity available. Almost a decade on, I’m still learning every day! I’m currently participating in a voluntary study group that specifically focuses on the higher levels of the Kumon Maths Programme so I can better support my students who are studying those levels.

“Persevere with every student! Like any role in education, being a Kumon Instructor has its challenges, but the job satisfaction that you receive from your efforts make everything worthwhile. Reflecting on my career before Kumon, I could see that I had an impact on the company in my accountancy role, but with Kumon, I am making a greater difference by helping to shape children’s futures through supplementary education.”