13-year-old Kumon Completer achieves A* GCSE results

Sep 2016
Kumon Wembley Central student Ashna
"I strongly believe the Kumon programmes have helped me do well at school in all of my subjects."

Ashna is one impressive young lady: last year she achieved an A* in her maths GCSE and IGCSE, and this year, aged just 13, she attained A* results in her science and Spanish GCSEs.

Ashna accomplished this incredible feat thanks to the continuous hard work and commitment she showed to her school work and Kumon study.

Ashna began her Kumon journey aged four at the Kumon Wembley Central Study Centre. She spent the next eight years developing and advancing through the Kumon English Programme, completing it last year, aged 12, having mastered critical analysis of advanced literary texts from the likes of Shakespeare and T.S. Eliot.

We caught up with Ashna to learn more about how Kumon helped her go on to achieve such amazing exam results, years ahead of her school grade.

Ashna said: "I'm sure the majority of people would be questioning how studying Kumon maths and English would have helped me excel in science and Spanish, but the Kumon programmes are much more than simply learning maths and English through the completion of daily worksheets. In fact, this requirement of daily study instilled in me the vital skills of discipline and focus.

"The repetition involved helped ensure I mastered each concept before moving onto the next, and improved my speed and accuracy which was very useful when I had to complete my exam papers. The progression through the programmes at my own pace helped me to develop in confidence, and encouraged me to always try my best. Really the benefits I experienced thanks to Kumon are endless!

"My journey through to completion of the English programme was not easy, and there were many days when I struggled to complete my work - I mean who wants to do Kumon worksheets on their birthday or Christmas Day? But, thanks to the support of my parents and the staff at the study centre, I persevered!

"I strongly believe the Kumon programmes have helped me do well at school in all of my subjects, and I will always remember the discipline it has taught me."

Ashna now works as a class assistant at the centre, helping students progress through the programme just as she did, she really enjoys this opportunity to give a little something back.

Navaz Sethna, Instructor at the Wembley Central Study Centre, said: "Ashna has been an amazing student at Kumon over the years. Whilst she is quiet by nature, she possesses inner confidence, which I feel has been the vehicle to her recent early GCSE and IGCSE successes. She currently works as an assistant at my centre, instilling other students with such confidence and a 'can do' attitude.

"As a Kumon Instructor, you can always spot those students who, you know, will become successful in life. In Ashna's case, it is her hard work and diligence that will allow her to achieve."

Ashna is an inspirational student, whose exemplary work ethic and positive attitude to study has her set to reach almighty heights; and we can't wait to see what else she goes on to achieve.

Congratulations Ashna!