13-year-old Warwickshire student Rejina completes the Kumon English Programme

Rejina's Kumon journey began in August 2013, when aged eight, she enrolled onto the English programme at the Nuneaton Study Centre, following recommendations from friends and family.

Thanks to her commitment and hard work, as well as support and encouragement from her Instructor Farook and her parents, Rejina has flourished with Kumon over the last four years.

She's become a confident, self-learner, ready to tackle new challenges with a determined attitude.

After initially enrolling onto the programme to improve her English study skills, Rejina quickly caught up with her peers and grasped the foundations of the subject before moving on to study work above her school grade, which she has been doing for several years now.

At just 13 years old Rejina can provide high-level analysis and critique of advanced literary GCSE texts, reviewing elements from key themes to writing style with a critical eye.

Rejina said: "The Kumon English Programme has helped me learn how to summarise and critique extracts from a wide range of texts. The quality and depth of my English written work improved greatly in school, and continues to do so. I am quickly able to pick out key information relevant to a question and formulate an answer.

Having already studied 'Macbeth' and 'Lord of the Flies' with Kumon has given me a great advantage when I come to study them again for my GCSE. The skills I have developed throughout my Kumon journey will really help me with my further studies."

Jiwan, Rejina's dad, sees the big difference Kumon study has had on his daughter, he described how: "Kumon has helped my daughter to reach a high level of reading, writing and to be able to analyse texts. I have noticed a huge change in her studies, especially in her other school subjects as well. She has become very independent in her learning and now has a very good foundation in English which will help her in the future for exams, further education, in her career and much more."

Although Rejina completed the Kumon English Programme in October, the skills she has developed will stay with her and help all aspects of her life and in the future.

She added: "I am very proud of my achievement in completing the English programme because I worked extremely hard and completed questions and texts that were more suited for older students of a higher academic standing than me."

We wish Rejina all the best for the future!

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