Aadhithyan feels prepared for any challenges in grammar school!

Sep 2019

Kumon English Completer, Aadhithyan, has been studying the Kumon English and Maths Programme at the Sittingbourne study centre for the past four years. Today, 11 year old Aadhithyan will be the only student from his primary school to study at a grammar school this September. His commitment to his Kumon studies has not only allowed him to complete the entire English programme, but has provided him with the fundamental study skills he needed to pass both the Medway and Kent 11+ exams and gain entry to a great school!  

Aadhithyan’s mother, Suba Julian, enrolled him onto the programmes during the summer of 2014, a great time of the year for students to catch up with their work, ahead of the school term. She says, “I enrolled him onto the Kumon programmes because I wanted to set him on the right path for his studies. I knew Kumon would give him the additional support he needed to excel throughout his school years.”

Aadhithyan reflects on his initial feelings towards joining his local study centre, and says, “I was both excited and nervous about studying the programmes because I was okay at maths, but I never felt confident in my English skills.” Since joining, he couldn’t be happier with the progress he’s made; “I enjoyed studying the programme because it really helped me get ahead in school. My English skills and vocabulary are much better. My schoolteachers were always impressed and they praised me a lot for my good work. My mental maths skills have also improved – I can solve division and multiplications in my head! When I’m older, I want to be a scientist and the skills I’ve developed at Kumon will help me achieve my goal.”  

His mother is pleased with how well he has progressed in the programmes and at school; “Both his spelling and handwriting have improved. I’m also impressed with how quickly he can solve maths problems. I’ve recommended Kumon to other parents and many have joined as a result of my son’s excellent progress.”

Kumon Instructor, Yewande Adelusola, who Aadhithyan describes as “helpful and encouraging”, says, “Aadhi has always been a strong student. He initially started with the English programme, but quickly requested to study the maths programme too after seeing other students concentrating and working through their worksheets. He enjoys taking on new challenges! It was his determination and focus that gave him the confidence and ability to reach an advanced level of work before he even sat the 11+ exams.”

Now that Aadhithyan is a Kumon English Completer, he spends a lot of his time helping his siblings with their own work – they want to be just like him!

Keep up the great work, Aadhithyan! We are confident that the skills you have developed at Kumon will excellently prepare you for new challenges at grammar school.