Archie achieves Grade 9 in GCSE Maths and Further Maths

Oct 2019

Archie from the Frome study centre in Somerset achieved a grade 9 GCSE in both maths and further maths earlier this year, equivalent to A* grades. He believes his excellent GSCE result and love of maths all stems from studying the Kumon Maths programme.

Archie enrolled at the Frome study centre at the age of five, just six months after the centre officially opened. Over the years, he has swiftly worked through the maths programme, comfortably studying GCSE-level maths while still in Primary school! He has been able to work through 18 levels of the programme and is currently on Level M which covers A-Level maths.

Now 16-years old, Archie has become an exceptional student whose achievements at GCSE are a testament to his dedication and maths ability. In this time, he has developed a strong work ethic which has greatly benefited his school work and his mental maths ability. Now in sixth-form and studying A-Level maths, Archie is already confident that the maths skills he has developed from studying Kumon, will lead him to another successful exam results day next year! 

His mother, Topsie, is impressed with how well Archie has flourished in school due to the maths programme. She says, “I think the programme is ideal for children of all ages, whether they need help developing maths skills or need to extend their skills. Kumon has helped Archie develop a daily study pattern which in turn has helped him apply that to his school work. Because of his daily practice, he was able to sit his maths and further maths exams with confidence and ease.”

Archie agrees and expresses, “My mental maths skills have greatly improved. This has not only been useful in my maths classes at school, but also in science, due to the aspects of maths in subjects like physics and chemistry. I have developed a strong work ethic and without Kumon, I wouldn’t have achieved a grade 9 in maths.”

Aside from studying at the centre, Archie now also works part-time as a class assistant, supporting other students with their studies. Instructor, Susan Gatward, says “He has grown in confidence and is thriving both at school and here at Kumon. He is respected and admired by his peers and is a great asset to the centre. His support at the centre has been great and he even presents our awards ceremonies for us on occasion!”

Susan couldn’t be prouder of Archie. She’s guided him through his studies from the very beginning; “It has been a real pleasure to watch Archie develop from a very young child through his school years. At first, he found it tricky to focus, but with support from his parents, he confidently continued  to work through 18 levels of the programme. Along the way he has achieved many awards for his efforts, including the Bronze, Silver and Gold Advanced Student Honour Roll Awards.”

Aspiring to study medicine or Astrophysics at university, Archie is confident that Kumon will help him reach his goals.

Well done, Archie!