Brothers from Ashford, Middlesex experiencing great success with Kumon

Nov 2017
"The boys love going to class. They like studying in a group and working alongside children of different ages."

Seven-year-old Hendry and his younger brother Albert are students at the Kumon Ashford, Middlesex Study Centre.

With support and encouragement from their Instructor Radhika, the boys have flourished on Kumon's maths programme since enrolling. Both began studying on the programmes at a young age, Hendry was four and Albert was enrolled when he was five.

Hendry has always shown a natural interest in numbers and loved solving puzzles while his mother, Derry tried her best to keep him occupied and engaged. Kumon presented the perfect channel to nurture his enthusiasm and mathematical interest ahead of starting Reception.

Derry said: "My mum had heard about Kumon and mentioned it to me as an option for Hendry back in 2016.

"We spoke with our local Kumon Instructor Radhika in Ashford and once enrolled, he quickly progressed through the programmes. His concentration improved, he could stay focussed on his work and got into the routine of daily study in preparation for starting school.

"Now in Year 3, Hendry is excelling in maths and has amazing mental arithmetic skills. He finishes his school work very quickly and takes great pride in it. He enjoys answering questions in class and is a very motivated and engaged learner.

"He is a sponge for knowledge and can read and retain so much information; I think the repetition involved in Kumon really helped improve his memory skills.

"Albert was different to Hendry; he had less of an interest in numbers, but I wanted him to have the same experience as his brother. Radhika was great at motivating him and helped Albert make slow but steady progress we didn't want to push him too quickly, so he initially began completing fewer daily worksheets shorter bursts of study which helped increase his enjoyment of it.

"He has since built up in enthusiasm and has developed his stamina and focus by completing more worksheets each day.

"The boys love going to class. They like studying in a group and working alongside children of different ages. Hendry was very proud the other day when he saw an older child studying work he had already mastered; it was a real confidence boost for him.

"Their Instructor Radhika is an inspirational teacher. She is so good at motivating the boys and a real support. She completed the Kumon programmes herself as a child, so she talks from experience, and as a parent, I feel comfortable that she really knows what she is doing I have complete faith in her!"

Hendry added: "Kumon is awesome, it helps you learn. And when you get stuck at school you can use Kumon! Although it is getting harder as I move through the levels, I love the challenge."

Albert said: "Column addition is my new favourite. It's easy!"

Last week both Hendry and Albert received recognition for their amazing achievements at the centre's awards ceremony; Hendry reached a milestone studying three years above his school grade level, whilst Albert is studying two years ahead of his school grade. They are both extremely proud of themselves and enjoyed celebrating with their family, friends and peers.

A huge well done to both Hendry and Albert!