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Confident Completer, Souparno, develops a love for learning with Kumon

Jan 2021

11-year-old Souparno recently completed the Kumon English Programme at the Kumon Ipswich Study Centre, impressively, in the space of just three years, despite English being his second language. After moving to the UK from India aged eight, Souparno had limited knowledge of the English language and struggled in school.

Yet studying Kumon daily enabled Souparno to learn in incremental steps and make steady progress as he mastered each level independently. After passing the 11+ exam last year with excellent marks, he aims to remain dedicated in everything that he does. He is now a confident self-learner.

It is a delight to hear all about Souparno’s Kumon journey in his own words.

He recalls, “I started my Kumon journey three years ago, aged eight. My ability was average, but I wanted to improve my study skills. I used to find it difficult answering questions where I was required to give an opinion, and was unable to write a well-formed complete sentence. In school, one of my biggest weaknesses was comprehension; I often found it difficult to locate the correct part of the passage to answer the question, but with perseverance and my Instructor’s support, my study skills improved considerably.

Since then, Kumon has increased my confidence in English with the range of topics covered, recognition after completion of each level, and support from my Instructor whenever I was stuck with a particular topic. As I progressed through the programme, each level increased in difficulty which helped me to develop my focus and attention span, and eventually to achieve a strong ability in English. I am really pleased with the contents and the guidance provided in the English programme and with my Instructor, Sangeeta.”

Equally, Souparno’s mother Piali, is proud of her son’s achievements at Kumon and feels that the ‘small steps’ nature of the Kumon Method has benefited him greatly.

She told us, “Souparno’s father and I started to notice his confidence develop in his studies, especially English, shortly after enrolling him at Kumon. Kumon worksheets are designed to take students from simple questions to complex questions in very small steps, increasing in difficulty a little at a time. This enabled Souparno to develop his skills gradually, studying at an appropriate level and advancing smoothly through the programme. At times, Souparno grasped particular topics and concepts very quickly and moved smoothly up to the next level once his learning was secured, and at other times, he needed more time on a particular topic. This ensured that the pace of learning was right for him at all times and that he developed solid learning foundations, resulting in a positive learning experience.”

At Kumon, Instructors guide their students through work that is set at just the right level for them, keeping them engaged and making progress. They support and encourage students to work out answers by themselves, helping them to become self-sufficient, successful learners for the future.

Souparno told us, “I enjoyed the importance of self-learning in Kumon’s study programme. This encouraged me discover how to answer difficult questions on my own, helping me to learn proactively and develop my academic ability.

When introducing new concepts, the worksheets show example answers to help me work out the correct process independently and apply this to other similar questions to increase familiarity. My Instructor encouraged me to be aware of the focal points of questions and think about the information that is given in the worksheet, supporting me to solve problems by myself. This method enabled me to succeed independently in my learning and gave me a great sense of accomplishment and enthusiasm.”

Souparno’s parents said, “Souparno’s Instructor Sangeeta and the team paid careful attention to his academic ability, personality, and how he studied and solved worksheet questions. They observed his working processes without interrupting, to see how he was coping with his work and if he was engaged and confident in his activities. Based on her observations, Sangeeta and the team provided effective support to ensure study at a level that was just right for Souparno.

Sangeeta remained in close contact with us throughout Souparno’s Kumon journey; she would often feedback and acknowledge his developments and key achievements, which enabled us to offer him the right level of praise and encouragement he needed. I really appreciate how effectively the Kumon Ipswich Central Study Centre has handled its teaching during the current pandemic.

 Kumon is an ideal demonstration of the saying ‘Practice makes perfect’. Consistency and persistency are two key things behind all success. Souparno has developed the skills and attitude to become an independent self-learner who does not rely on the skills and knowledge of others. This will help him to explore the fun of learning on his own and become more confident in future. Thanks a lot to Kumon for setting the foundation just right!”

Well done, Souparno! We wish you all the best in your school studies and future education.