Dara passes the 11+ exam…twice!

Aug 2019

Dara has been studying the Kumon Maths Programme for the past five years. In this time, her confidence has grown, her maths ability has improved, and she has developed a strong work ethic through her daily Kumon study. Last year, she was proud to have achieved exceptionally high scores in both the Kent and Medway 11+ exams!

The Kumon Study Programmes focus on building good academic foundations in maths and English, and while they are not specifically designed to match the style of questions or topics covered in the 11+ maths or English tests, Kumon students tend to benefit from their thorough subject knowledge, mental arithmetic and speed in these tests. The maths programme helped Dara to develop the skills needed to tackle the exams and the mental reasoning they required. Kumon study prepared her for working under timed conditions, while also giving her the room to build good stamina, speed, accuracy and the ability to comfortably and confidently study advanced work. Equipped with these strong foundations and essential study skills, Dara is set for the next stage of her education, and is already looking towards a future in Engineering; “I want to become an Engineer, which requires a lot of maths, so I’m glad I am now confident in the subject.”

Commenting on the ways in which Kumon has assisted her studies, Dara says, “I am better at multiplications, fractions, addition, and problem solving. In school, I understand the topics better because I have covered them with Kumon first. This makes it easier to pass tests at school, because I am already familiar with the questions and how to solve them.”

Dara’s mother, Toyin, believes that these skills will continue to assist her when she moves on to secondary school next month; “Kumon has given her the confidence to take on challenges and complete harder levels of work. She is independent and particularly thrives in solving problems. The skills she has developed with Kumon have helped her excel in her SATs, and the 11+ exams, and will make the transition from primary to secondary school a lot easier for her.”

The Instructor of the Kumon Sittingbourne Study Centre, Yewande Adelusola, who has supported Dara throughout her Kumon journey, says

“Dara has worked hard from the very first day she joined the centre. She is determined to work things out for herself and initially she was very reluctant to ask for help even when she needed it. But with the support of her parents, now she has really she overcome her shyness too. She likes to work quietly and dilegently and is always fast to get going and writing within one minute of arriving to class. She reached Kumon Level G before sitting the 11+, which ensured she succeeded in both the exams she took.”
Yewande Adelusola, Instructor

Well done Dara! We hope that you continue to excel beyond your own expectations.