Emmanuel from Caversham is excelling in the Kumon Maths Programme

Before joining Kumon, Emmanuel relied on the help of his classmates to solve equations and found it difficult to understand the methods applied; “I didn’t know my times table so I often copied other people’s work. I did not know how to find the answers for myself.”

Emmanuel’s mother, Grace noticed he lacked the confidence in maths and was worried about the little progress he was demonstrating in school; “We noticed that he was not performing well in maths and we wanted his ability in the subject to improve. Kumon has met our expectations!

Since joining, Emmanuel has become very quick at doing calculations in his head. He is able to concentrate for longer periods of time and his confidence has greatly improved. He is ahead of his peers and is in fact one of the best students in his maths class.”

Emmanuel adds, “I enjoy solving difficult maths problems. I feel a great sense of achievement when I am able to solve them quickly and accurately.”

As a member of his school’s maths club, he is often tasked with complex mathematical problems. However, Kumon study has given him plenty of practice and has prepared him for any work that he is challenged with. Emmanuel expresses, “I work well and perform the best at my weekly maths club. Kumon has improved my ability to do multiplication, addition, subtraction and division. I am motivated to keep doing well at school and I am excited to continue to learn.”

After seeing her son’s progress in school, his ability to self-learn, and his strong work ethic, Grace has recommended Kumon to many of her friends and family. She strongly believes in the Kumon Method and is looking forward to seeing how much progress Emmanuel will continue to demonstrate.

We look forward to it too! Well done Emmanuel!


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