English Completer, Darshan strives to complete the Kumon Maths Programme too

Jan 2021

Darshan joined the Kumon Brentwood Study Centre four years ago, aged eight, to study both the Kumon maths and English programmes. With perseverance and daily commitment to his Kumon studies, Darshan is delighted to have now completed the Kumon English Programme with flying colours, passed the 11+ exam, and secured a place at grammar school!

His parents, Anand and Subalakshmi, initially enrolled Darshan’s elder brother Akshaaye at Kumon after hearing about Kumon study from their friends and family members whose children were excelling through the programmes. Darshan was later enrolled onto the programmes with the aim of improving his maths and English abilities and to encourage him to develop a love for both subjects.

Through the Kumon English Programme, Darshan has developed the ability to write essays and analyse texts, which has also broadened his general knowledge and interest in topics such as religious studies and sports. The Kumon Maths Programme helped him understand certain methodologies with great intricacy, so much so, that maths is now his favourite subject at school.

We caught up with Darshan and his parents to find out more about their Kumon journey.

Now aged 12, Darshan says, “I joined Kumon, aged eight, and was practising just the fundamentals of both English and maths. At the start, I only had a very basic understanding of the topics that I needed to learn and was by no means an advanced student. But from the day I first stepped into the Kumon centre until my very last session, Kumon has not only expanded my vocabulary and helped me grasp concepts that initially looked impossible to me, but also provided me with a place I felt safe and nurtured; a place where I trusted everyone and a place where I could come and let go of my worries and do what I love.

I have also learnt an array of life-long study skills. Kumon has taught me to be resilient when everything is tough, and perhaps most importantly, Kumon has taught me to be patient when things don’t work, and just try my best. This may not seem important to you now, but this is very easily applicable to the real world which just proves Kumon isn’t only something that makes you smart, it indirectly teaches you the most important values of life.”

Darshan’s parents agree, and also feel that Kumon has enabled Darshan to truly excel in his school studies.

They said, “Kumon, from a very young age, enforced Darshan’s time management skills as a result of daily routine. Kumon’s intriguing capabilities also motivated him not only to work every day but also to perform extremely well in major exams such as the 11+. At school, Darshan is excelling in both his maths and English and working above his school year level.  A key reason behind such progress is definitely the repetition and practice that Kumon provided. As a result of this, he can recognise a familiar problem or phrase from anywhere, and this has benefited him greatly.”

At Kumon, Instructors instil confidence by encouraging their students to have a go and to endeavour to work out answers by themselves using the examples and their learning from previous questions. The learning from doing it for oneself is powerful and increases the self-belief of the child. Darshan has developed a great relationship with his Instructor.

He says, “I would have to say the whole team certainly helped me each in their own ways but my main Instructor, Janina, had to be one of the biggest factors of my success. Whenever I was stuck or whenever I had a problem, Janina would always work after hours and explain everything to me in her own time. The fact that someone did this just for me motivated me hugely and made me want to pay her back in the form of completing the English Programme.”

Darshan’s parents added, “We feel very positively about our instructor Janina – especially during the lockdown period, we learnt that she goes above and beyond in terms of helping the students and supporting them with finding solutions.”

Equally, Instructor Janina is proud of Darshan’s achievements, telling us, “Since joining the centre at the young age of eight, Darshan quickly made incredible progress both in maths and English. He was clearly a very able child, but this was further enhanced by the efforts of his parents who ensured Darshan completed and corrected his work daily and listened to any advice given. Darshan was always a pleasure to work with at the centre. He would always come in with a smile on his face and get straight on with his work.

When he needed assistance, he would listen attentively and then complete the task independently. Aged 10, Darshan passed the extremely competitive Essex 11 + exam, despite being one of the youngest students taking the exam as his birthday is towards the end of the school year. Darshan continued his Kumon studies once he started grammar school which led him to completing the English programme. We are all extremely proud of Darshan at the Kumon Brentwood Study Centre!”

Equipped with a love of maths and English, strong academic skills and self-confidence, Darshan looks forward to his future studies. “The skills that I have mastered at Kumon will stay with me and act as building blocks for future challenges I hope to take on, including GCSEs and A-levels. Kumon has made me the person I am today and will always hold a place in my heart for future endeavours.”

Well done Darshan! We wish you all the best in your future studies as you strive to complete the Kumon Maths Programme too!