Family from Kingston experience the benefits of starting Kumon young

Mar 2018
"Kumon has been a great experience that has provided a solid structure for learning and exploring."

The Jenkins family from Kingston, southwest London are great advocates of Kumon. Daughters Sofia (six) and Aryana (eight) have been studying with Kumon for three and four years, respectively, and throughout this time have amassed the skills and knowledge firstly, to prepare them well for starting primary school and secondly, to surpass the progress of their classmates.

As Kumon is a long-term study programme we encourage families to enrol their children at a young age to nurture their natural curiosity and get them off to a flying start in life - the Jenkins family did just that! By aged four, Ayrana and Sofia were learning to hold a pencil and developing fine motor skills on our engaging pencil skills worksheets; and over the suceeding years, through their continued commitment and hard work they’ve sped through the maths and English programmes to be able to tackle work beyond their years.

Ayrana said: “Kumon has helped me at school because I can understand maths better and can read lots of books - I can now read Harry Potter books.

“I like going to the study centre because it’s nice and quiet and I like the Kumon people. I would like to help my Instructor Sam teach children Kumon when I’m older.”

Sofia added: “The thing I enjoy most about Kumon is taking tests and getting a prize.”

Conveying his thoughts, the girls’ dad, Jamie, said: “The Kumon Maths Programme has enabled my children to quickly understand and answer mathematical problems and build a solid base, whilst the English programme has provided a fantastic foundation for comprehension, vocabulary and grammar.

“Kumon has been a great experience that has provided a solid structure for learning and exploring. It’s helped them with organisation, timing, concentration and working through challenges. It’s excellent for revision, examinations and success.

“I would 100% recommend Kumon to other families. It was recommended to me.”

Lastly, Sam, the girls’ Kumon Instructor commented on their progress: “Aryana’s perseverance has seen her blossom into an excellent student with amazing confidence, whilst Sofia has developed a very mature attitude to her studies and loves to find learning experiences in everything she does.”

We love hearing from our Kumon families, and thank the Jenkins’ for sharing their experience with us.

If you’re interested in finding out how Kumon can benefit your children as it has Sofia and Ayrana, click here to request a call back from one of our team.