Gateshead Low-Fell student shows exceptional growth with Kumon and exceeds Key Stage 2 SATs target

Dec 2017
Nathan has shown great progress and motivation in both his Kumon and school work while becoming a confident, independent learner.

While in his final year at primary school and ahead of his Key Stage 2 SATs, 11-year-old Nathan was in need of support with his maths skills. His parents enrolled him at the Gateshead Low-Fell Study Centre in January 2017 upon recommendation from a local friend.

When he began, Nathan was unclear about many of the basics and already had some gaps in his knowledge. In a short space of time Nathan was mastering all of his set of times tables, as well as taking on more advanced concepts too a great accomplishment! Kumon is proven to have given Nathan the skills he needed to develop his maths ability.

Nathan is now aged 12 and is currently studying the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, working with whole numbers as well as fractions. He told us: "I can now do all my times tables and I am much quicker at mental calculations and faster in my work. I also have a better understanding of fractions."

Kumon has helped Nathan prepare for tests and exams at school, and has already enabled him to surpass his predicted KS2 SATs grades: "I got better marks in my SATs and I am doing far better in tests than I did last year."

Nathan added: "What I enjoy most about studying the maths programme is seeing how much I am improving and I enjoy being more confident in my own learning. I am more organised and get on with my homework without being asked to. I want to be a games designer when I am older, and maths will definitely help me achieve this."

Nathan's parents are delighted by the rapid progress he has made: "Kumon has definitely boosted Nathan's confidence and he approaches maths with more enthusiasm. We can see our son's ability increase daily. His whole attitude towards his school work has been amazing. He is now more organised, and these skills have helped him during his transition into secondary school. Our son is now in Year 7 and his teachers are amazed by his progress."

Nathan's Kumon Instructor, Liz Burrin, has nurtured hundreds of children with the Kumon Method, for over 15 years, many of them reaching the highest levels of the programme. With Liz's continued support and encouragement, Nathan will no doubt reach his full potential.

We are extremely proud of Nathan's achievement throughout his Kumon journey and hope he continues to succeed.