Hard-working Raya attributes school success to Kumon

Jul 2020

14-year-old Raya has studied Kumon for an impressive eight years, enrolling at the Kumon Wembley Central Study Centre when she was just six years old. Having already completed the Kumon English Programme a year ago, Raya, now in Year 9, is currently studying high-level maths. With hopes of becoming a psychiatrist one day, Raya has been reflecting on her Kumon journey over the years.

One thing that’s clear is how strongly Raya feels Kumon has supported her at school. “It has given me a better understanding of certain topics”, she told us. “For example, my teacher would be teaching everyone a new topic, but I would have already covered it in Kumon, which means I can answer the questions quickly. Kumon has also really helped me in timed exercises that we do in school.”

Raya’s parents have also noticed the positive impact that Kumon study has had on her schoolwork. Raya’s dad, Bhritesh, told us: “At school parents’ evenings, her maths teacher always sings her praises about how much she excels, and at that moment I think this wouldn’t have been possible without Kumon.”

The Kumon programmes are designed to enable students to steadily increase their fluency and mastery of topics in small, manageable steps via daily study. “In the beginning, the maths work did seem to be repetitive and basic”, Bhritesh told us. “But as time went on, I noticed that actually it was a very effective method. I would definitely tell parents not to be swayed by this, as I have realised this to be the key foundation of Kumon.”

As well as supporting students with their maths and English abilities, children who study Kumon develop a range of soft-skills that benefit them across many subject areas, and throughout life. Raya said: “Unlike some of my classmates, I don’t freak out over a test.” Dad agrees: “Thanks to Kumon, Raya always felt confident when going into an exam, such as SATs and the 11+. Kumon has also taught Raya to follow deadlines and stay organised.”

Raya’s Instructor, Navaz, is clearly very proud of Raya’s positive attitude to study. “Raya is a delight; always working so independently and diligently. She is ambitious and keen to improve herself at all times, often asking to re-sit achievement tests in order to obtain a better result. She truly embodies Toru Kumon's saying: ‘There is never good enough. There must always be something better’.”

Raya speaks equally highly of Navaz: “Mrs Sethna is an incredible Instructor. She is always willing to help out students who are in need of extra assistance. She has also recommended a few incredible books for me to read, and they were all a thrilling experience. I have recommended Kumon to friends and family, and I would definitely recommend it to more people.”

We’re sure that Raya’s work ethic will stand her in excellent stead for her GCSEs, A-levels, university and beyond to her desired career path.

Keep up the brilliant work, Raya!