Hardworking brothers find their flow with Kumon

Jun 2019
The Belal brothers have developed a love of learning through the Kumon Maths and English Programmes.

The Belal brothers, nine-year old Daniel and seven-year-old Yacob, enrolled onto the Kumon Maths and English Programmes at the early ages of five and four. Before joining Kumon, both brothers shared a similar experience with maths and English; they struggled to concentrate for long periods of time, had a limited vocabulary and only possessed a basic understanding of sentence structuring. Today, the Belal brothers are not only excelling in the Kumon Programmes, they have become enthusiastic learners and have developed fundamental study skills that have helped them succeed at school.

Their father, Suliman, comments on how the boys have made significant progress since joining the programme; “Kumon study has given Daniel and Yacob the confidence and the ability to take on challenging work. The English programme has helped Daniel to make tremendous progress in English over the last three years. Because of Kumon, he has developed a love of reading and is always eager to read books of different genres. In addition to showing great improvement in English, Daniel has shown fantastic progress in mathematics, and the confidence he exhibits in mental arithmetic is amazing. Daniel is now working at an advanced level.

The maths programme has enabled Yacob to solve challenging mental arithmetic quickly and effectively. Solving difficult mathematical problems gives Yacob a great sense of achievement as daily Kumon study developed his confidence and patience. As for English, Yacob’s creative writing has improved dramatically. This was reflected in his school reports, which praised his elegant use of the English language. He has developed the ability to self-learn and is now prepared for any work he’s challenged with.” Yacob adds, “I am now able to work more accurately, and exams have become a simple exercise.” Similarly, Daniel comments, “my exams at school are now a piece of cake!”

The Belal brothers have developed a love of learning through the Kumon Maths and English Programmes. Yacob comments, “solving simultaneous linear equations with four variables is what I enjoy most about the programme” while older brother Daniel adds, “learning new concepts in mathematics every week makes Kumon amazing, and studying different book extracts makes the programme exciting!”

Instructor Sharon Carlin has also seen how the boys have grown in both confidence and ability. Sharon comments, “Both boys continue to amaze me in their abilities, and they display an excellent attitude to their work. In February 2019, Yacob was ranked first out of 6465 year two maths students in the local area, and Daniel was ranked 74th out of 6485 year four maths students. Their maths ability is inspiring as they can fluently solve GCSE maths questions efficiently and in fewer steps. The boys are well organised and take ownership of their own learning. I have seen them both grow in confidence and fluency. Keep up the good work, Yacob and Daniel.”

The Belal brothers have already set career goals for themselves. Yacob says, “I would like to become a mathematician when I am older. I believe the skills and knowledge I have gained at Kumon will make me a great mathematician in the future.” Older brother Daniel comments, “I would like to be a doctor when I am older because you need to work hard to become one, and this is what I am doing now by working hard at school and attending the Kumon programme.”

Yacob and Daniel are great examples of how Kumon can help to transform children’s maths and English abilities.

Well done, Yacob and Daniel!