How Kumon helped two young learners start school with confidence

Apr 2018
Young learners Jeremy and Holly.

Starting school can be a daunting time for children, but for those on our Kumon programmes we’re taking away some of that fear by developing their confidence and learning ability in advance, as well as showing them that learning is fun.

Two students who began studying with Kumon as preschoolers were Jeremy and Holly who attend our Ditton and Molesey study centre. We spoke with their parents to find out how an early commitment to Kumon helped encourage their smooth, successful transition into primary school.

Five-year-old Jeremy 
Jeremy’s mum, Nico, said: “From studying Kumon everyday Jeremy learned good learning habits ahead of starting school.

“Jeremy loved to do his Kumon work. He was interested by the content and found it fun, so when he started school he already liked learning.

“Kumon’s helped him gain a lot of confidence in writing and he’s very confident with all his numbers. He is in reception year and is definitely more advanced than his classmates.

“Also, it has helped him to build up discipline, and as he gets older he’ll come to understand that the habit of study, revising and practice are the key to success.”

Six-year-old Holly
Holly’s mum, Catherine, said: “We came to Kumon because we wanted to give Holly a good foundation in maths and English in preparation for school.

“She was nervous when she started but has since gained confidence, encouraged by her Instructor Kiran to work hard and learn.

“At Kumon she developed an enjoyment of maths and English which gave her a good start. Now within school she is scoring well in tests, for she is more familiar with numbers, and her reading is much better which helps her to understand stories and writing.

 “We are really pleased to see Holly’s progress and how far she has come. Kumon will always help Holly be a step ahead and it will give her the confidence to do well.”

We love hearing how our youngest Kumon students are being set up for a bright future! 

Throughout May, the Ditton and Molesey study centre, will be holding a Free Trial for Young Learners, allowing new students aged five and under to experience two weeks study on the Kumon Maths and/or English Programme for free. To find out more about this offer please contact Instructor Kiran. 

*Nationwide selected Kumon study centres are running the Free Trial for Young Learners throughout April and May. To find your nearest centre offering the Free Trial, enter your postcode in the search box at the top of the page.