"I enjoy learning new topics at Kumon and being ahead in my school work."

Eight-year-old Michael is excelling on both the maths and English programmes at the Kumon Lower Sydenham Study Centre.

Michael started his Kumon journey in 2014 with an academic ability he described as average.

Two years later and Michael can really see the positive change in himself and in his school work thanks to Kumon.

He said: "Kumon has helped me build confidence in both subjects and has developed my independent learning skills. I enjoy learning new topics at Kumon and being ahead in my school work.

"I am now working above my predicted grades at school and this is because Kumon has enabled me to develop skills to work really hard.

"I am pleased with my progress and achievements so far. My Instructor has high expectations of me and believes in my abilities which keeps me motivated and makes me really want to put in my best effort."

Michael's Dad, Alex, also sees the benefits that Kumon has had on his son. He said: "Since Michael's journey with Kumon started I am no longer anxious about his future. I have seen real progress in his academic work and I know he now has the solid foundation to excel in later life as a result. He is a lot more confident and independent in his work."

Lola Ottun, the Instructor at the Lower Sydenham Study Centre is very proud of the commitment Michael shows to his studies. She said: "From the start, Michael has always been an outgoing intelligent student, having his parents support him throughout. He arrives at class every week with all of his work marked and corrected.

"Michael has had to overcome many challenges along the way, not finding his work easy but still managing to complete it. He approaches his work in quite a mature way for his age, he puts in the effort not just because he knows he will be rewarded but just because it's right for him.

"It is great to see Michael's face light up when he's done well in a test, and taking pride in his successes. I look forward to seeing Michael advance even further on both the maths and English programmes; I'm sure he will go extremely far in his Kumon journey."

Michael was honoured, alongside 70 of his Kumon peers, at the study centre's awards ceremony, which took place last Sunday (5 June). All of these students received a certificate and medal, recognising the hard-work and dedication they have shown to the Kumon programmes over the last six months.

It was a great event attended by so many of the centre's students and their families, even local Sydenham Councillor Rachel Onikosi came along and joined in the festivities.

We wish Michael, and all the students at the Kumon Lower Sydenham Study Centre good luck as they continue on their Kumon journey.

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