James reaps the benefits of Kumon as he achieves A* in A-level maths at just 14-years-old

Aug 2018
At the age of 14, James is working four years ahead of his school peers, achieving an A* in his maths A-level exam.

James, who joined Kumon at age five is achieving greatness! At only 14, James has received his A-level maths exam, achieving an outstanding A*. Working four years ahead of his school level, James has achieved what most students will at 18. This is not the first time James has excelled so early on in his academic career. At the age of 12, James completed his GCSE maths exam, achieving an A* and a distinction in Additional Maths.

James has pushed the boundaries and demonstrated how well Kumon has had an impact on his ability to self-learn. His mother, Theresa, who is the Kumon Instructor at the Cardiff Llanishen study centre, says that James took it upon himself to learn A-level maths and credits daily Kumon study for his perseverance and his enthusiasm for learning. She says, “you don’t have to wait for a teacher. If you want to learn something, you’ve got the ability to learn it. I think that independent study is the most important thing that Kumon has developed in children."

Kumon encourages all students to become confident and independent learners. This is why Theresa believes Kumon can benefit children of all abilities. Whilst James’ achievement is extraordinary, Theresa does not think that it was pre-determined. She believes, “all children can achieve. Kumon is for every child. I have students who have autism and other learning disabilities. I have a huge mix of children in my centre, and in no way is Kumon just for bright children. It helps every child that I’ve come across. Kumon is extra special for children who struggle because they really do discover their potential."

James’ remarkable achievement is a great example of the valuable study skills that are developed at Kumon. We wish James every success with his future studies.