Jamie's a times tables titan

Jul 2019
"Because of Kumon, I enjoy maths at school and find the work so much easier to understand.”

Nine-year-old Jamie is making excellent progress with the Kumon Maths Programme. When Jamie first joined the Clayhall study centre, in east London three years ago, he struggled with maths, particularly with mental arithmetic.

After hearing positive feedback about the Kumon programmes from other parents at Jamie’s school, his mother, Kahman, enrolled him in hope that Jamie would be able to improve his ability and fluency in maths. Three years on, Kahman is impressed with how well Jamie has progressed and grown in confidence, which is excellently reflected in his current schoolwork. She says, “Kumon has helped Jamie become faster at solving problems. It has improved his mental arithmetic, fluency and particularly his confidence in the subject. The Kumon Maths Programme has met all my expectations.”

Jamie comments, “Kumon has helped me learn how to master fractions and decimals ahead of what I was studying at school. It has also helped me a lot in my schoolwork as I am now an expert at my times tables. Because of Kumon, I enjoy maths at school and find the work so much easier to understand.” 

At Kumon, everyone learns to do calculations in their heads, without the use of calculator or using tools such as writing with carries and borrows. These fundamental skills become invaluable as maths becomes more complex and often allows the child to progress much faster and to a more advanced level than their school peers.

Kumon has also helped him develop other transferable skills, including having the confidence to tackle new work that might previously have phased him, perseverance to keep trying when trying to grasp new concepts, as well as the ability to -learn for himself. Studying Kumon has also introduced Jamie to an increased level of responsibility for his own learning which has helped him to become more determined.

Jamie is extremely proud of his personal and academic achievements with Kumon and he always looks forward to attending class each week. He enjoys the programme so much that Jamie wants all his school friends to share the same positive learning experience he has. He has recommended Kumon to all his friends and as a result, at least one of them has also joined him onto the maths programme.

Commenting on his career aspirations, Jamie said, “I would like to become a teacher when I am older, so I can use the skills I have developed to help others get the most out of and flourish in their education.”

Well done, Jamie! We hope that you continue to reach new heights in your studies.