Kumon boosts Connie's confidence

Jun 2018
Self-belief in her own ability means Connie is frequently raising her hand to answer questions in class.

Over the last six years’ she’s spent studying with Kumon, 11-year-old Connie from Surrey, has developed vastly in confidence and belief in her academic abilities. 

Intrigued initially by the Kumon offering because of the good things her friend was saying about her own Kumon study, Connie and her mum, Lynne, went along to the Tadworth study centre to find out more from local Instructor Louise.

Excited by what they learned, Connie began her own Kumon journey on the maths programme.

Connie said: “I was quite good at maths when I first started Kumon but now I am really good." This sureness in her ability means Connie is frequently raising her hand to answer questions in class.

As a Kumon Maths student, the focus has been on Connie establishing solid knowledge of the foundational mathematical concepts; this has given Connie the skills and ability to tackle work she has not yet come across in school. At Kumon, Connie is currently studying fractions - work beyond her school grade. She enjoys the challenge of learning advanced topics and using her problem-solving skills in all subjects, not just maths.

Lynne said: “The Kumon Maths Programme has helped identify my daughter’s skills, growth and importantly areas of development. Connie has built fantastic mental discipline and loves learning.”

She has noticed significant progress in Connie’s approach to her school homework; work she completes on her own at a steady pace and makes her own corrections to.

Instructor Louise has been with Kumon for almost 20 years and has nurtured hundreds of students to reach their full potential alongside developing strong self-learning skills.

Lynne said: “The support we receive from Louise and the team is exceptional. Louise has offered fantastic encouragement.”

Connie is just one of over 70,000 students in the UK excelling on Kumon’s study programmes. Our aim at Kumon is to develop each and every child into a confident, independent learner, who is ready to take on new challenges with confidence. This confidence is not just instilled in them whilst at Kumon, it is something they will keep with them for life.

And having just secured a place at her chosen grammar school, Connie really is reaping the rewards for her continued hard work and dedication to her own learning.

Congratulations Connie!