Kumon brings Jake confidence

Feb 2018
"He learns at a pace that best suits him."

The individualised approach of the Kumon Method of Learning has proven to be the perfect means to boost 12-year-old Jake's self-esteem and confidence in his literacy skills.

Jake has been studying at the Foyle study centre for 16 months and his mum, Marian, and Instructor, Sumeeta, have been so impressed by how far he's come.

According to his mum, Jake's dyslexia had set him back in his English studies and he didn't seem to be getting the support and progressing as he should have been. During her search for extra tuition providers she came across Kumon, and believed it would be the best way to help him.

She said: "The programme has helped build Jake's confidence and self-esteem. He struggled with English and would become quite frustrated when he got things wrong. He started at the basic level and has made steady progress. He learns at a pace that best suits him and has developed very good skills when completing his worksheets which he'll carry with him in school and in later life.

"As my son is on the autism spectrum he does have issues with social interaction and prefers to be on his own or with adults - going to Kumon helps with social interactions in a different environment and lets him see that we have to behave in a certain manner when we are with other people and peers.

"Sumeeta, his Instructor, is very welcoming and accommodating and will help in whatever way she can. She is very patient with my son who can be a challenge at times."

Jake confessed that he didn't like English before he started Kumon because he "found it hard to read a sentence." Fast forward to today, he enjoys relaxing with a book! He said: "Kumon has helped me to read better and quicker. I have developed better posture and writing skills. I struggle less in class."

Sumeeta added: "The great success Jake has had with Kumon prompted me to share his story with the world. Parents of children on the autism spectrum often find it challenging to find tuition that suits their child's needs. At Kumon, we welcome students of all ages and abilities and provide individualised support tailored to them.

"With Jake we started with one-to-one support as he felt more comfortable with an assistant or myself nearby. His reading and comprehension skills have since dramatically improved. His parents told me how he would never attempt to read on his own, but ever since joining Kumon he's been reading the billboards while in the car and news headlines."

Marian concluded: "I already see that my son has made good progress and want him to continue with his Kumon to retain the confidence it's already brought him."

We're so pleased to share Jake's progress, and wish him all the best as he moves through the topics of the English programme.