How the Kumon Maths Programme has helped Zac excel at school

Jan 2018
"From my perspective Zac has excelled at school as a result of Kumon."

Zac began studying on the Kumon Maths Programme as a shy five-year-old; fast forward three years, and he's blossomed into a confident, enthusiastic mathematician with an ability beyond his age and school peers.

When Zac joined the Ditton and Molesey study centre, he was taken back to basics with reading, counting and writing numbers in order to fill in the gaps in his knowledge, which until then had been affecting his confidence to contribute in class.

Having steadily progressed through the programme levels he is now studying fractions, work ahead of his school grade, having already mastered his times tables and the four operations.

Zac's mum, Helen is a great advocate of the learning method, confidently declaring "from my perspective Zac has excelled at school as a result of Kumon."

She continued: "His school test results have shown that he is very capable at maths, where before he struggled. Zac is now in the top set and considered one of the strongest at maths in his year group."

At Kumon we focus on helping students develop their maths and English ability, but also support them to become confident, independent learners with a positive attitude to study; this is the greatest benefit Zac and his family have seen come from his commitment to Kumon.

He's resilient and ready to tackle challenges, understands the importance of hard work and determination to achieve his goals and is assured in his own ability.

Helen explains: "Kumon has helped develop his confidence immensely and he is now extremely confident in his maths classes at school. Before he was 'coping' amongst his peer group, now he is leading it. This confidence has resulted in him being far happier.

"And inspired by his success, Zac's younger brother Barney has also joined Kumon."

Zac is very proud of how far he's came and is eager to keep learning. He said: "Kumon has helped me be the best in my class at maths. I like that it challenges me and helps me do my best at school.

"I want to play hockey for England when I'm older and Kumon has shown me hard work helps, so if I train hard I might just make it."

Zac's positive mindset and independent work ethic are helping him thrive at school and at Kumon, and we've no doubt they'll serve him well for a successful future.

Keep up the excellent work Zac!