Oxford parent shares her experience at awards ceremony

May 2016
Oxford, Headington student Arjun
Although the Kumon journey can be tough, the rewards are huge. Kumon helps the student to become aware of their potential and to achieve it."

Anitha Nair's children have collectively been studying with Kumon for 14 years. Her two sons, Arun and Arjun, were enrolled at the Kumon Oxford, Headington Study Centre and have both gone on to complete the maths programme, mastering advanced-level calculus.

Anitha shared her experience with the crowded audience at the study centre's latest awards ceremony.

She said: "When our eldest son Arun was four we began looking into available options for pre-school learning. Our view was that all children have the potential for learning and that they are only limited by their exposure to learning opportunities. We came across Kumon and we thought it could be beneficial, so we enrolled him.

"For the basic calculations in maths, it's pretty important to know how to do them quickly and efficiently, which is what Kumon focusses on initially, this results in a strong foundation on which to build and grasp the more advanced levels in the maths programme.

"As Arun progressed through the Kumon levels, the positive impact on his academic progression at school and his attitude to learning was evident; this prompted us to enrol his younger brother Arjun as well.

"With Kumon it is important to understand that it is a partnership between the student, the Instructor, and the parents. The student's responsibility is to focus and complete the daily worksheets, and as parents we need to provide support and encouragement, as well as mark their work so they can address corrections and effectively learn from their mistakes. Our parental efforts at home are then crucial in helping the Instructor to suitably tailor the programme and set your child's work for the upcoming weeks.

"There were circumstances when, in completing the higher levels, the boys questioned why they had to study material which was in advance of their school maths lessons but, at those times, we encouraged them to persevere through the material to gain a thorough understanding and mastery of it.

"Kumon can feel like an additional workload after a busy day at work and an additional expense, but the benefits eclipse these doubts, and Kumon has been the best investment in our children's future.

"Although the Kumon journey can be tough, the rewards are huge. Kumon helps the student to become aware of their potential and to achieve it."

We thank Anitha for sharing her Kumon journey with us. Click here to hear from Arjun about his time as a Kumon student.