Kumon Scholarship prepares Ban for her next academic chapter

Oct 2019

Ten-year-old Ban has completed her two-year Kumon Scholarship with the Sheffield, Crookes study centre. The Kumon Scholarship allows students from various schools, ages and abilities to study either the Kumon Maths or English Programme with all fees waived for a total of two years. The scholarship helps more children to benefit from Kumon study and to better access the school curriculum. Kumon aims to help students develop and improve their skills, ability and confidence in the subject, whilst also preparing them for academic and personal success. Ban has not only accomplished this, she has also now developed core study skills that will benefit her when she transitions to secondary school later this year. 

Ban’s journey with Kumon began in 2017 when her mother, Yara, was concerned about her daughter’s speed of adapting to the new math syllabus at school. Ban had recently moved to the UK, which meant that she had to adjust to more than just the lifestyle in the UK, but also differences in the school system. Yara explains that their relocation initially impacted Ban’s academic performance; “She was an excellent student. But, due to differences in the education system and the age students start school in the UK, Ban had to skip forward a whole year and begin school at a level she was unfamiliar with and study topics she hadn’t yet learned. This made school in the UK very challenging for her. I was looking for a means to support my child academically and to fill any possible educational gaps resulting from our relocation. Kumon was a great way to help her bridge that gap. The maths programme developed her confidence and ensured she maintained a good study routine, which all in all helped her to catch up with her peers.”

Headteacher of the Hallam Primary School, Chris Stewart, couldn’t agree more with Yara and is now an avid supporter of Kumon after witnessing first-hand the significant progress his students have made since starting their Kumon scholarships. He says, “I believe the maths programme is excellent and the work ethic it encourages is suitable for a number of children. Ban has greatly benefited from the programme. Her academic ability has improved and her confidence in maths has also grown. She has received an excellent grounding in basic maths skills and these skills will help her enormously when she transitions to secondary school and beyond.”

As Ban prepares for her next academic steps, her mother is confident that her efficient study routine, exam techniques and independent learning skills will help her to succeed. Yara is impressed with Ban’s personal and academic growth; “Her maths ability has improved, which is no surprise considering the chance she got to practice her skills daily and stretch herself, due to Kumon’s approach to learning. She has also developed excellent exam technique skills as she has become accustomed to a typical exam environment and what is required of her in a standardised test. Her time-management skills have improved, which I am pleased with as this is an essential skill needed in today’s fast paced world where she will need to be increasingly independent.”

Ban concludes, “Kumon has really helped me to do well in my tests. I understand the work in school so much better than before. I enjoyed every second of Kumon, even when it became more difficult. I stayed committed because I knew how much it had already helped me and could see how much more it would benefit me in the future.”

We wish Ban the best of luck as she transitions to secondary school and embarks on this new chapter of her education.