Kumon student, Alex, is on his way to study a Masters in Maths

Apr 2019
“I like the Kumon Maths Programme because it allows students to progress to a level of study that is not typically introduced or particularly expected of them so early on."

18-year-old Alex from the Sandhurst study centre enrolled onto the Kumon Maths Programme when he was seven years old. Before enrolling, he found the subject particularly difficult and doubted his abilities in maths. However, after dedicating time, and committing to his Kumon studies, Alex developed valuable study skills and gained the confidence to tackle challenging work - so much so that he has successfully completed the entire Kumon Maths Programme! He is now proficient in advanced calculus and has acquired a high level of competence in problem-solving skills.

Commenting on his progress throughout the programme, Alex says “The Kumon Maths Programme has greatly improved my mental maths skills. I remember when I first joined the Sandhurst study centre when I was seven years old - I had little confidence in maths and struggled with it in school. I’ve come such a long way. Now, I enjoy the subject and can confidently study mathematics at an advance level, ahead of my college curriculum.”

Over the years, Alex has acquired outstanding results in his maths exams, achieving a Level 9 (A*) in GCSE’s and an A in AS-level. He has also been predicted to achieve an A in both A-level maths and further maths. He currently works part-time at the Sandhurst study centre as a class assistant, and hopes that he is able to share the knowledge and skills he has learnt with other students who are in the same position he was in when he first started the programme. He expresses, “I like the Kumon Maths Programme because it allows students to progress to a level of study that is not typically introduced or particularly expected of them so early on. Students like myself are able to study ahead of what is considered the standard level in school. I’ve experienced the benefits of this first-hand and it has definitely reflected positively in my exams and other subjects at school.”  

The Instructor of the Sandhurst study centre, Ann House, is proud of his accomplishments and believes that Alex “epitomises what Kumon is about. He worked steadily through the programme at his own pace, with huge support from his family, especially his grandmother. It was wonderful to see him grow in confidence as he developed a real love for maths. As we reached higher levels, he became quite independent, asking for guidance when he needed it but trying to puzzle things out himself. He is a great role model for the younger students at the centre.”

Alex is now reaping the benefits of the Kumon Maths Programme. He has been offered a conditional place at Reading University to study a 4-year MMath Mathematics degree – an integrated Master’s degree which combines undergraduate and postgraduate study into a single programme. The course is accredited by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, the UK's professional body for mathematicians, which will increase his career prospects and will allow him to become a Chartered Mathematician after he graduates. He says, “Although I am unsure of what I want to do after university, I am certain that maths will open up so many doors for me. Kumon has given me the opportunity to have options and I am lucky to have had such a positive learning experience growing up.”

We wish Alex the best of luck as he goes on to gain a masters-level understanding of applied and pure mathematics.