Aged 6-11

Lockdown learning with Kumon allows Anya to progress

Jul 2020

Anya was just four-years-old when she enrolled at the Kumon Frimley Study Centre. Mum, Soniya, was keen for her daughter to develop her English and maths abilities to ensure she had a good start before beginning school.

Understandably, at such a young age she was a little timid to begin with, but during her initial assessment with her Instructor, it was clear that she was already able to engage and focus well. After a few weeks at the centre, Anya quickly demonstrated the ability to work independently and confidently and was already showing signs of becoming a self-learner.

Soniya said; “Since joining Kumon, Anya’s reading ability has dramatically increased. While she has always seemed naturally good with numbers, Kumon has pushed her further and ensured she remains either in sync, or even ahead, of the school curriculum. I am pleased with both programmes; the practice repetitions work well in the maths programme and I have seen a dramatic increase in Anya’s ability to take on and comprehend new maths topics. In English, I like the fact that more complex words are introduced, and Anya is learning to recognise them, and more importantly, making use of them in her spoken language.”

The Kumon Maths and English Study Programmes enable children, like Anya, to develop the key foundations for learning, at a pace that suits the individual child. The focus is always to enable children to work independently, which in turn instils confidence and helps them develop a love for learning. Kumon students progress in small steps to gradually develop fluency and mastery of a topic before moving onto the next.

Anya has progressed more quickly than anticipated and has been happy to take on more challenges. Starting school in Year 1 in September, she’s already equipped with the study skills to get her off to a good start. Soniya, added, “Anya is one of the youngest in her class and Kumon has given her great confidence. She is now sure of her own abilities as well as able to communicate and listen to instructions.”

During the lockdown period, Anya continued diligently with her Kumon studies every day, and was in regular contact with her Instructor, Anjana, through Zoom.

Anjana commented; “Anya was so quick to adapt to a new way of learning and I was amazed at how dedicated and committed she was to her Kumon studies and the new routine. Mum was sending me weekly updates on her progress and we were communicating about Anya’s progress through WhatsApp, texts and emails. Anya was always very happy to take part in our centre competitions and quite often found new and creative ways to ‘think outside the box’. It’s always a pleasure to log in weekly to meet Anya and see just how much she has progressed week by week. She’s a fantastic example of how a little work each day goes a long way.”

In the centre lockdown competition: ‘What lies under the rainbow’, Anya imaginatively gave an answer about treasure, dressed up as a princess, and made her own treasure box!

We wish Anya all the best as she continues to excel in her Kumon studies.

Keep up the great work!