Martha's confidence soars on the Kumon Maths and English Programmes

Jun 2018
"Martha is a higher achiever and I believe it has made her more confident to deal with trickier subjects."

Martha enrolled onto the Kumon Maths Programme at the Ponteland study centre in 2013. Encouraged by her amazing progress and support from the Instructor, Liz Burrin over the three years, mum Maggie decided that Martha would benefit from also joining the Kumon English Programme.

Since joining Kumon, Martha has become well organised, focused and disciplined. She has grown in confidence and has improved her handwriting skills which has helped with her other school work, she said: “I feel that I know most of the answers and it has helped prepare me for tests and exams at school.”

Maggie added: “Since commencing English, her handwriting has improved and she has a better understanding. Martha is a higher achiever and I believe it has made her more confident to deal with trickier subjects.”

In the maths programme, Martha is currently learning how to simplify and solve linear equations and understand the use of negative numbers. Martha has demonstrated in the English programme her ability to identify key sentences within a paragraph.

Maggie is very proud that her daughter is working above school grade level in both subjects which is demonstrated through her daily study routine. This will also help benefit her throughout education and beyond. Maggie said: “She is used to focusing and completing her work in timed conditions which will be very good for exam preparation.”

Martha enjoys seeing how well she has progressed at Kumon and at school. Martha said: “The maths programme has helped make me more confident when answering questions I am not sure about, and the English programme has helped me by improving my spelling.”

Instructor, Liz Burrin and the class assistants of the Ponteland study centre have been very supportive throughout Martha’s Kumon journey. Martha and Maggie said: “Liz is very nice and helpful. She is very organised and supportive when going through more difficult topics.”

The Kumon Maths and English Study Programmes aim to bring out the best in every child, regardless of age or ability, by helping them to reach their potential and foster a love of learning.

We wish Martha all the best as she continues her Kumon journey.