Maths mastery from Vinai as he takes on Kumon’s most advanced levels

Jul 2020

16-year-old Vinai first joined the Kumon Willesden Green Study Centre in north-west London, at the age of five, as a way to improve his maths ability. 11 years later, he has completed the Kumon Maths Programme but decided to keep going to extend to the highest levels of the programme, covering university-level maths work; the Kumon XP level. Vinai’s father, Dilip, and his Instructor, Mami have continuously supported Vinai throughout his Kumon journey, and they are both incredibly proud of his achievements to date.

The Kumon Maths and English Study Programmes place great emphasis on developing the key study skills and life skills required to help students like Vinai become confident, independent self-learners.

We caught up with Vinai and his father, Dilip, to find out how Kumon has helped with his schoolwork over time and his desire to study university-level maths work after completion.

Vinai said, “When I first joined Kumon my maths ability was average. However, as Kumon worksheets are timed, I started to complete my worksheets with great speed, and this was often reflected in my school work. Before I knew it, I was studying topics at school that I already studied in Kumon. This not only gave me a head-start but also enabled me to manage my time effectively.”

Dilip advocates that Kumon fosters a learning environment for children from a young age that helps them to build a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning. He said, “I initially discovered Kumon through a leaflet that came through the door. At the time, myself and Vinai’s mum wanted to give him a head-start in his maths. We decided to try the programme for a few months and soon noticed he started to study independently with little contribution from us. We also looked at other online courses that consisted of a lot more parent participation and time that required us to sit and guide him every day. Of course, I’ve supported him when required, but now, he can figure out his mistakes independently, which has enabled him to become a confident self-learner and had given him the desire to continue studying even after completion.”

Over time, he has developed the ability to apply what he has learnt in maths to his other GCSE subjects at school. Vinai said, “I often apply the skills I have gained from Kumon maths to Computer Science at school which also involves the need to think logically and break down a problem to find the correct answer. I have developed a love for learning at Kumon because there is always new content to learn and apply elsewhere.”

We also caught up with his Kumon Instructor, Mami, to find out more about Vinai’s Kumon journey. She said, “Vinai first joined Kumon when he was in Year 1 at school. I have seen him flourish through each level of the programme and grow into a fine young man. He has always remained enthusiastic and calm with his Kumon studies, and he would always come back to class with 100% worksheets since he learnt to figure out his mistakes independently at home. I look forward to celebrating Vinai’s Completer achievements with him soon!”

Vinai’s younger sister, who is 10-years-old, is also studying the Kumon Maths Programme at Level H, which is work more than two years above school level. She will be starting high school next year and is academically in a good place, because of Kumon. Dilip said, “Because of Kumon, both of my children have developed a desire to learn, and I’m sure these skills will remain with them both for life."

Lastly, we asked Vinai what he hopes to achieve from completing the Kumon XP level. He told us, “I aspire to gain all the key study skills needed for my future studies at university and apply the mathematical knowledge gained from Kumon in my career. I have developed several life-long skills with Kumon that I’m sure I will apply both in my personal and professional life.”

Congratulations to Vinai on becoming a Kumon Maths Completer! We’re sure you’ll continue to excel as you take on the highest levels of the Kumon Maths Programme.