Naik is leaps ahead of his peers at just five years old!

Jan 2020

At the early age of three and ahead of him starting school, Naik’s parents enrolled him to start the first levels of Kumon with the Frimley study centre. Today, at the age of five, he is reading at the level of an eight-year-old and is already capable of solving maths problems confidently in his head. Naik’s progress is a testament to how well Kumon aids in the development of early learners, excellently preparing them for success in primary school and beyond.

The Kumon programmes play an important role in laying the foundation for children to succeed in the future and Naik has already reaped the benefits of this. His early education with Kumon ensured that he was able to get off to a flying start at school and now at the age of five, Naik is already working independently and confidently, and he can already use the worksheets to practice and learn by himself.

The first levels of the Kumon Maths Programmes focus on developing the child’s understanding of number sequencing as well as working on their number writing skills. They move on to basic addition and calculations with whole numbers. In their reading, they become able to repeat and then recite words and sentences and are introduced to a wide variety of vocabulary. Throughout, they regularly work through several exercises that develop their pencil control and fine motor skills.

The Kumon programmes have supported Naik in all areas of development, providing him with a strong foundation in reading and writing development, as well as maths ability. His mother, Permjit, advocates that Kumon fosters a learning environment for young children, helping them build a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning. She said, “I decided to enrol Naik because he was starting reception soon, and what better way to start his life journey than supporting his development in maths and English whilst also supporting his personal development and social skills. Kumon has helped my son improve his confidence, work through problem solving and has fuelled his inquisitive nature.”

Permjit explains that although Naik has always demonstrated introverted tendencies, the programmes have increased his confidence in his own abilities and have nurtured his strengths. In fact, he is always willing to help his peers with their own learning, which he would not have been comfortable doing in the past. Permjit expressed, “Our Instructor, Anjana Sohal, supports his development and provides a comfortable structured environment for my son to learn. There are times that I find that Naik gets distracted easily but that’s because he is still very young. I know as he continues studying the programmes, he will improve, and all his efforts will pay off. My husband I hope that with Kumon, Naik will be able to further his knowledge in the subjects that he has a strong interest in and follow his passion.”

“It has been such a pleasure working with Naik. When he started the programme, he was very inquisitive and curious in nature, so my initial focus was to develop his passion and enjoyment for learning. He demonstrated good pencil control skills and already recognised numbers 1-30 and many of the letters. Very quickly we worked on his ability to recognise numbers to 100 as well as developing his bank of vocabulary. He was clearly shy and needed encouragement but after just a few sessions he demonstrated how much he enjoyed working through the worksheets and his confidence grew. He has been able to take on more advanced work quite naturally and his curiosity is channelled in way that allows him to develop good focus and concentration, which supports his work and progress in school.”
Anjana Sohal, Instructor

Now that Naik has had a strong academic start, he is ready to take on any challenge that he is faced with at school. Well done Naik! We can’t wait to hear more about your progress as you continue studying the programmes.