Oxford, Headington student shares his Kumon journey

Mar 2016
Oxford, Headington student Arjun
"My Kumon studies have helped me a lot, especially in my schoolwork."

Having enrolled at the Kumon Oxford, Headington Study Centre aged four, Arjun recently completed the Kumon Maths Programme, mastering advanced-level calculus. We caught up with him as he reflects upon his ten years of Kumon study.

Arjun said: "I was only four years old when I started Kumon but I remember doing the worksheets at that young age; although I was more interested in collecting stickers and prizes for completing my work than the actual benefits of the work itself.

"It wasn't really until I got to secondary school that I began to truly understand the benefits of Kumon; once I did, it was these benefits which kept me motivated.

"My Kumon studies have helped me a lot, especially in my schoolwork. As a Kumon student I was given the opportunity to study work ahead of my school grade level, which enabled me to stay ahead of my classroom peers. It made me feel more confident in maths because having already learnt topics such as algebra in Kumon, when I came across them in my maths lessons at school, they became revision lessons. Maths is now my strongest subject at school thanks to Kumon.

"Kumon has been challenging at a times, particularly when I had to fit in completing a worksheet every day after school and in the holidays. I didn't always appreciate doing the worksheets. Thankfully, I was studying with the support of my parents and the staff at the centre, who encouraged me to keep on track and reminded me of the huge benefits to be had in persevering through the programme."

In considering the positive influence Kumon study has had on her son, Arjun's mum Anitha said: "The outcome is reflected in Arjun's approach to learning, school exam results, self-confidence, time management, and, in his determination to succeed."

And his Instructor Christine Magona said: "Arjun has been an absolute pleasure to instruct, he's a self-learner with the ability to self-correct and learn from his mistakes."

Arjun now works alongside Christine as a class assistant at the study centre, and dedicates his time and efforts to helping other students advance through the maths programme just as he did.

He is not yet sure what he would like to do when he gets older, but is sure the skills and knowledge he has learnt from Kumon will help whatever he chooses to do next.

If Arjun keeps up the motivation and exemplary work ethic he has shown through his Kumon journey, there is no doubt he will have a bright future ahead.

We wish Arjun the very best of luck!