Polish student Cezary completes Kumon English Programme

Dec 2019

16-year-old Cezary from the Braintree study centre, in Essex completed the entire Kumon English Programme despite English being his second language! After moving to the UK from Poland in 2010, Cezary initially struggled with reading and writing in primary school, and understandably found it difficult to communicate with his classmates. With perseverance and daily commitment to his Kumon studies, he triumphed and has now developed the ability to read, write and communicate at an advanced level. Today, he is a proficient reader, a confident writer, and hopes to study and pursue a career in English Literature.

His mother Magdalena praises Kumon for helping her son develop fundamental reading and writing skills that have supported him and led him to success throughout his schooling in the UK;

“When we first arrived from Poland, my son had problems studying the school work due to the language barrier. His knowledge of the English language was very limited at the start of primary school. But after he joined Kumon, he made great progress and achieved more than what people typically expect from someone who learns to speak English as a second language.”

Having such limited knowledge of English meant that Cezary relied heavily on his school teachers, including requiring their help to read questions on class tests. Cezary says, “I struggled with understanding my lessons and completing tasks the teachers set. My teachers assisted with reading test questions to ensure I completely understood the questions being asked. Thanks to Kumon, I quickly caught up with my school work, gained a greater understanding of the subject and eventually managed to complete schoolwork on my own.”

Through studying the Kumon English and Maths Programmes for the past eight years, Cezary has become an enthusiastic and independent learner. With the help of his Instructor, Kunjan Pandya, he has been able to build his vocabulary, improve his grammar and develop his exposure to and understanding of a wide variety of texts.

In addition to growing in confidence in English, Cezary has also studied the Kumon Maths Programme. He has vastly improved his maths ability and is now able to think logically, solve problems faster and concentrate for longer periods of time, which has helped him succeed across all his subjects at school.

Kumon Instructor, Kunjan, has supported Cezary from his very first enrolment session.

“When Cezary came for his enrolment, he could not speak a word of English and his mum translated for him. On his first day of class, I said, “Good Morning, Cezary” and he replied “Goodbye” because he didn’t know what the word meant, but he had heard it before. He was a very good student, always wanting to learn and he completed his work every day without fail.”
Kunjan, Instructor

Cezary said, “I received a lot of support from my Kumon Instructor, Kunjan. She has been very helpful, understanding and encouraging. Through her supportive approach, I was able to learn how to work independently and effectively. I began the programme only reciting short words and then moved on to completing sentences and gradually began to move up through the levels. I have really developed my confidence in reading and writing English. I enjoyed and found the content very interesting too.”

Well done Cezary!