Rithwik set on completing the Kumon Maths Programme before his 10th birthday

Feb 2019

Rithwik joined the Kumon Leeds, Headingley Study Centre at the age of four and enrolling onto the Kumon Programmes at such an early age has had a significant influence on his academic achievement over the past five years. From a young age, Rithwik has committed himself to daily Kumon study; allowing him to develop and hone fundamental study skills that will help him progress throughout the programme. Today, at the age of nine, he is reaping the benefits and working above his school grade level. He says, “When other kids were learning numbers, I could already do multiplications. Now I am working at GCSE level maths. My primary school has even arranged a special tutor to support me working on the GCSE maths curriculum.”

According to his mother, Akila,“Because of the core study skills he has developed at Kumon, he is being taught at an advanced level at school. In year 4, he was selected to participate in the nationwide primary maths challenge, which students typically take part in when they’re in year 6. After achieving gold award in the initial round, he went on to achieve the bronze award in the final bonus round. The study skills acquired via Kumon have also significantly contributed to his improved performance in his other school subjects and his extra-curricular activities.”

Rithwik’s interests outside of school include, swimming, Karate, chess, badminton and playing the guitar. He notes that the skills he has developed at Kumon, such as his ability to self-learn and concentrate for long periods of time has greatly benefited him. His mum believes that Rithwik has become a hard-working and self-disciplined individual who is always willing to take on new challenges; “Kumon has definitely helped him to progress much ahead of his peers at school. He has developed skills and qualities such as time management skills, dedication, adhering to deadlines and performing well under exam conditions. His competitive spirit and determination to succeed has played a key role in him accomplishing his goals in and outside of the classroom. For example, he recently won a Yorkshire-wide regional chess tournament.”

Akila is pleased with how well Kumon has prepared him for the 11+ exam later this year; “While working through practice papers, he finds the maths section to be very easy. He has already completed most of the maths preparation, which allows him to spend more time preparing for the other components of the 11+ exam.”

Akila thanks Instructor, Gurpreet Narang for supporting Rithwik in class and ensuring that he is working at the right pace; “She is very friendly and extremely helpful. Our son always has a great deal of respect for her. We are always amazed at how well she remembers all of the student’s names, each of their strengths and weaknesses, which allows her to offer personalised care and tailor the programme accordingly.”

Overall, Akila hopes that as Rithwik continues to progress through the Kumon Programmes, his performance at school continues to grow.

Good Luck Rithwik! We wish you success in achieving your goal to complete the Kumon Maths Programme before your 10th birthday.