Rohan pursues his passion for maths with Kumon

Sep 2018
"I have developed a different approach to solving problems in my school work."

Six-year-old Rohan has been making great progress with Kumon since he joined Kumon’s two week Free Trial at the Ruislip study centre in West London in November 2017. In the past twelve months, Rohan’s early interest in maths has been allowed to blossom and his skills have vastly improved too.

Rohan’s father, Deep is impressed with Kumon’s maths programme and says, “I think Kumon has provided the perfect platform for Rohan and it has met my expectations.” Deep told us that since Rohan was a toddler, he took an interest in solving puzzles and mazes, and liked designing and building complex structures. By the age of five, Rohan’s natural interest in maths meant he was already solving the addition and subtraction of large numbers.

Rohan has benefitted greatly from Kumon by fulfilling his early passion for maths. Not only does he have the enthusiasm to succeed, but his learning and overall concentration has also improved.

Deep couldn’t be any happier with his son’s confident approach when solving maths equations. He praises Kumon’s Method of Learning and says, “the assignments from Kumon provide thorough practice in mathematics. What I really like, is that I can see that after I enrolled Rohan at Kumon, he has developed a great liking towards the subject and is able to solve the problems swiftly, but also accurately."

Rohan is proud of his progress since enrolling onto the maths programme at the Ruislip study centre, and he says, “I have developed a different approach to solving problems in my school work.” The study skills he has learned and developed at Kumon are inspiring him to reach new heights at school and he already has aspirations of working towards a career as an Aeronautical Engineer.

Due to daily Kumon study, Rohan is able to grasp new concepts independently and is ready to face any challenge confidently. Both Deep and Rohan are excited about how Kumon will continue to fulfil his passion for maths as he advances in the programme.

Well done to our aspiring Aeronautical Engineer, and we wish you every success as you soar through life.