Kumon helped Shai achieve her maths GCSE goal

Nov 2017
"I started Kumon late, but it made a big difference in my maths abilities."

Last October, Shai came to Kumon for extra support ahead of her maths GCSE; and this summer, after a short eight months of study, she'd accomplished her goal of achieving a grade 4 result.

Shai had always struggled with maths and had previously tried one-to-one tuition which hadn't suited. She had heard about Kumon from friends and suggested it to her mum, Jennita.

Instructor at the Wembley Central Study Centre, Navaz, said: "Shai's main objective was to pass her maths GCSE; I explained I could not give any guarantees as Kumon is a long-term study programme and we only had eight months, nonetheless, subject to her working hard, I could guarantee she'd become more confident with maths overall."

A two-week Free Trial at the centre helped Shai make up her mind to give Kumon a try.

Jennita revealed: "Shai was concerned she would be much older than the other students at the centre, however she took to Kumon really well, and was very happy to continue after the trial. She cracked on with her study knowing it would help."

By achieving a grade 4 in her maths GCSE (equivalent to a C), Shai reached her target!

Shai said: "A grade 4 may seem like a small achievement, but I put in a lot of effort inside and outside of school to get it. I was two grades below at the start of the year and after I joined Kumon, I managed to go up two whole grades.

"Kumon really helped me complete calculations faster in my head. Before, it would take me a few minutes to figure out what I can now do in seconds. Kumon has also helped me be able to identify and use the most efficient methods when solving a question.

"Kumon taught me the value of perseverance. At first, I struggled a lot with the work because I wasn't used to staying focussed on one thing for such a long period of time. Finishing the worksheets gave me a sense of accomplishment, and I started to get faster as I continued.

"For me, Kumon was a great experience. I would recommend it to parents of children of all ages. I started late, but it wasn't too late for it to make a big difference in my maths abilities, my GCSE grade and how I feel about maths in general."

Jennita added: "Had she not gone to Kumon, she would not have felt so supported and encouraged. She experienced a boost to her confidence and when it came to sit her exam she was less anxious, and used to working to timed conditions.

"She is extremely proud of herself and recognises how buckling down and working hard pays off. I would highly recommend Kumon, and in hindsight I would have started Shai younger."

Congratulations to Shai, we're so pleased all her hard work paid off!