Students at the Streatham study centre share their Kumon journey

Jan 2018

Streatham Instructor, Agnes Azuimah opened her Kumon study centre in 2010. Her experience teaching maths and English in Bangkok, and a master's degree in Business Administration, provided the perfect mix of practical skill and experience to be able to run her own business, and instruct children at the same time.

Agnes said: "I made the decision to open my centre after enrolling my own children onto the programmes aged two. I was not only amazed with their results but, I began to understand the importance of close observation and individualised study to help all children realise their potential. Observing my students and the way they develop and evolve with Kumon is so worthwhile."

Students attend the Streatham study centre from surrounding areas and local schools, and benefit greatly from the Kumon programmes. Agnes shared with us some of her students' impressive Kumon journeys.

In October 2015, Jayne decided to enrol her seven-year-old son Rocco, onto the Kumon Maths Programme as he lacked confidence in the subject. Now nine years old, Rocco shared: "the skills I have developed and improved are long division, fractions and loads more in maths."

He continued to say that "Kumon has helped my maths by giving me challenges which has made me learn more things I haven't learnt about at school. My class had a times table game and I won every round because of Kumon."

Jayne believes that Kumon is "very well organised and a great programme which challenges Rocco and encourages him to learn. He is really doing well in class and he is ahead of his classmates in school."

Seven-year-old Amelia has been studying on the maths programme since June 2016 and has built up concentration and confidence in column addition and subtraction. Amelia said: "I was terrible at maths when I first started. I didn't know what 8+6 was. I do now. I know lots of sums."

Amelia has since moved onto developing skills in multiplication and division. Amelia's dad, Robert, said: "My daughter is much more confident with numbers and has made improvements with mental arithmetic."

Students Axel, Logan and Umaiza all joined the Streatham centre just last year.

Axel joined Kumon feeling a bit nervous, but now he's become a confident learner. Axel's mum, Natalie noticed "over the weeks, my seven-year-old son was using his fingers less and less to count and was completing his homework a lot quicker."

With Axel developing his work skills and mental calculation ability, he said: "I can now count quicker and I can count in my head too." Natalie added: "The fact that Axel has to do homework everyday gives him a very good structure. It is and has become a very important habit."

Jovita, who is Logan's mum, wanted to give him an opportunity to explore maths so decided to enrol him at Kumon. Logan had shown an interest in numbers as a toddler; he could count to 100 but he could not add. Now five years old, he has enhanced his understanding of number sequencing and is learning to add single digit numbers.

Jovita expressed that "Kumon has helped him to be confident in maths. He's become committed to his study at school and he does not like to give up when he is confronted with new, challenging work." Logan said: "Kumon has helped me learn how to add even big numbers, and I am fast too. It is easier to do maths at school and I am now super fast at doing my homework."

Through regular reading, eight-year-old Umaiza has developed her comprehension and writing. She's mastered past tense verbs, possessive pronouns, adjectives, superlatives and plural noun endings.
Umaiza's daily study habit has further encouraged her to become more confident in herself and at school, where she finds joy in both subjects - "I enjoy getting to do lots of maths and English and now I study every day."

Umaiza's mum, Sadia, said: "This daily study routine will definitely help with her SATs in the future."

Agnes continues to nurture all her students to become confident, independent learners with a positive attitude to study.

Learn more about how your child can too benefit from Kumon by getting in touch with your local Instructor.