Aged 12 and above

Talking Kumon with Yash, a Maths Programme Completer.

Nov 2023

17-year-old Yash has been with the Kumon Northampton South Study Centre since 2020 and, after only three years of learning and growth, he has successfully completed the Kumon Maths Programme. This is a fantastic milestone and Yash has a few words to say about how Kumon has helped him develop as an independent learner,

“Completing the Kumon Maths Programme has given me a profound sense of accomplishment and left me feeling elated. This achievement represents the culmination of my dedication to and sustained perseverance towards my studies as I progressed through the Kumon curriculum.

“The programme's structured approach facilitated the cultivation of a robust cognitive foundation, which I am confident will be of significant aid in my future academic and personal pursuits. The journey has also kindled within me an appreciation for the benefits of self-discipline and meticulous study practices, attributes that I believe will indelibly contribute to my ongoing quest for knowledge and personal growth.

“My friends and family have been incredibly supportive and proud of my achievement in completing the Kumon Maths Programme. They have witnessed the dedication and hard work I put into my studies throughout this journey and have consistently provided me with encouragement, motivation, and an environment conducive for me to excel in my studies. I am grateful for their unwavering support, which has played a significant role in my success.

“I remember vividly how I felt when I first started studying with Kumon: a mix of excitement and a little apprehension. I was excited because I knew that Kumon has a strong reputation for helping students excel in their studies, and I was eager to see how it would benefit me. However, I also felt a bit nervous about the challenges that lay ahead, as I knew that the programme would require dedication and consistent effort.

“This effort with Kumon has had a profound impact on my mathematical ability and it has been a transformative journey. The programme's structured approach and emphasis on mastery has been instrumental in my mathematical development. I began with the basics, working through foundational concepts (like addition and subtraction) and gradually built up my skills. The path to completion was not without challenges, but it was incredibly rewarding to progress through the levels methodically, mastering each topic along the way.

“Studying with Kumon has given me a wide range of skills that extend beyond academics.
Kumon's daily practice and self-paced learning require discipline and commitment. I've learned to manage my time effectively and stay focused on my studies. The program also encourages students to work independently. This has helped me become more self-reliant and capable of tackling challenges on my own.

“I want to advise other Kumon students to stay focused on the bigger picture: while you may feel challenged, or like you’ve hit a wall with some of the levels, your progress and perseverance will shape not only your academic success but also your self-discipline, resilience, and future opportunities. You will thank yourself later for building these essential life skills and setting the stage for a brighter future.”

Thanks for sharing with us, Yash!

As a Kumon ‘Completer’, Yash was awarded with a framed certificate signed by Kumon Europe & Africa’s President, and he and his Instructor, Berta, celebrated his achievement at the centre’s recent Advanced Student Honour Roll ceremony, where he spoke to his fellow Kumon students, parents and local dignitaries.

Yash’s incredible development and vocabulary are plain to see, and it’s wonderful to hear how much of that success he credits to Kumon. Now set up with excellent study skills, motivation, and a deep knowledge of mathematics due to the Kumon Maths Programme, we are sure that Yash will do an excellent job of achieving his future goals!