The Zablan brothers are excelling in the Kumon Maths Programme

May 2019
“Besides furthering my interest in Mathematics, Kumon sped up the process to understanding new concepts and methods and solving logical problems."

The Zablan brothers, Justin, Jason and Jericho, first joined the Kumon Maths Programme at the early ages of three, four and six. Since then, they have significantly developed their maths abilities and enjoy maths so much so that they are all now aspiring to become mathematicians!

Before joining Kumon, each of the the Zablan brothers found maths difficult and were falling behind at school. The oldest brother, Jericho, now 18, reflects on his experience and comments, “I used to really struggle with maths, including carrying out basic tasks such as counting. When I first came to Kumon I’d occasionally need to sit in front of a checkerboard and simply practice counting from one to 100 using counters which I had to place on each square. Knowing my numbers properly meant that moving onto addition and subtraction was less challenging for me.”

The Kumon Maths Programme helps students to develop a positive approach to maths, detecting any gaps in key learning foundations before building skills to reach school level and beyond. The programme goes right from the very basics of recognising numbers all the way to complex mathematical theories in small steps, building ability gradually along the way.

The Maths Programme has helped Jericho considerably in his ability, he comments: “Besides furthering my interest in Mathematics, it’s sped up the process to understanding new concepts and methods and solving logical problems. For example, it helped me to try think outside the box and search for alternative, quicker methods other than the ones taught in school. Working part-time as an assistant tutor at Kumon has also improved my understanding of the methods taught in levels such as J, K, and L where the learning curve really starts to steepen, and success is increasingly dependent on the student’s understanding from previous levels.”

Mum, Carmencita, was aware her sons struggled with maths and wanted to do something to improve their study skills and mathematical abilities. After hearing about the Kumon Maths Programme, Carmencita decided to enrol her sons and since joining in 2004, she has seen a massive improvement in their skill sets; “Jericho, Jason, and Justin have improved their ability to study independently and solve problems.”

Daily Kumon study has enabled the Zablan brothers to confidently understand and tackle new concepts quickly and independently at school. Jericho says, “The majority of the topics I’ve studied in Kumon have also been introduced to me at school, and the sorts of problems I have practiced in Kumon are also similar to the questions asked in exams, and so this gave me an advantage when I took my GCSEs and A-Levels. Kumon complemented the school syllabus very well, namely the chapters on differential and integral calculus, so it didn’t take me long to fully grasp the concepts for school.”

Carmencita is proud of her sons and is pleased with what they’ve been able to achieve and demonstrate in their exams; “Jericho achieved a grade 9 in his maths GCSE, Jason achieved grade 8 and Justin scored perfectly in his maths SATs exams.”

Outside of school, Kumon has provided the boys with essential life skills, such as being independent and self-motivated. Carmencita adds, “we encourage our boys to help other children with their maths school work. They also organise group study sessions with classmates and attend a pre-University lecture every Friday evening.”

After witnessing her sons progress, determination and self - discipline, Carmencita says, “With Kumon, the boys developed a good study habit and they are much more confident and happier." She strongly believes in the Kumon Method and looks forward to witnessing her boys complete the entire maths programme.

Instructor Nina Acharya of the Thornton Heath study centre has seen the boys flourish in both confidence and ability since they joined Kumon. Nina said, “Jericho, Jason and Justin have developed many skills throughout their Kumon journey. I have seen them each grow into confident, independent individuals who show an excellent work ethic. They take great pride in their work and each of them has a strong desire to achieve beyond their school level. They are great role models for the Kumon Thornton Heath Study Centre."

The Zablan brothers are a great example of how Kumon can transform and develop children’s abilities. Well done Justin, Jason and Jericho! We look forward to celebrating each of you completing the Kumon Maths Programmes and we wish you all the best in your studies.