Weybridge student working three years above school grade level

Jul 2018
Spandan has gained good mental maths, reading, and concentration skills which he will be able to adopt in his chosen career path.

The Kumon Maths and English Study Programmes offer what traditional tuition gives to your child and much more. Kumon goes one step further by helping each child develop self-learning skills, enabling them to tackle challenging work without reliance on a teacher.

Spandan’s mum, Surabhi found out about Kumon from advertising in her local area and then booked a free assessment at her local study centre in Weybridge. Following a discussion with the Instructor Karen who assessed her son’s ability in maths and English, she decided to enrol her son on the Kumon programmes in 2012.

The Kumon programmes have recently helped Spandan when sitting tests at school because he is able to solve maths problems and complete English comprehensions whilst becoming a confident and independent learner. He likes feeling challenged with the maths and English programmes because it motivates him to continue developing his love for learning. Surabhi added: “He developed the interest of reading and gained discipline in all his studies.”

Spandan is able to demonstrate at school what he has learned at Kumon and as a result, he is now working three years above school grade level. Surabhi said: “I have noticed a difference in my child as a result of Kumon. His concentration has improved significantly, he is ahead of the syllabus and confident in class.”

Surabhi shared her views of Kumon - “The maths programme makes the child thoroughly confident as they practice it regularly and the English programme enhances the student’s vocabulary and their understanding of the language.”

Instructor, Karen is very proud of Spandan’s development, she said: “Through the Kumon programmes, I have been able to nurture Spandan’s development in reading, grammar and comprehension skills. He has improved in checking over his work and making a correction if he needs to.

Over the years, I have noticed Spandan transform into a meticulous student with a positive attitude and full of curiosity and resilience. He is confident and very articulate, and he wrote a speech which he read at our last awards ceremony. Spandan has also received special awards from school for his achievements and recently he received two awards at Kumon in maths and English for studying three years above his school grade.  Spandan thrives not only in the academic subjects, but in sports as well.”

Throughout Spandan’s Kumon journey, he has gained good mental maths, reading, and concentration skills which he will be able to adopt in his chosen career path. He said: “I want to be an architect when I grow up and the skills I have learned with Kumon will help as it includes a lot of maths.”

Budding architect Spandan is building himself the foundations of a bright and bold future. Keep up the hard work Spandan!