Whitley Bay parents share their young daughter's amazing progress on the Kumon programmes

Jan 2017
Young learners Mahi and Asha.

The Kumon programmes nurture children of all ages and abilities to go on to reach their full potential, this includes thousands of young learners who are currently excelling on the programmes.

Each and every day these students engage with the worksheets, developing their maths and/or English ability and learning key study skills, like concentration, stamina and pencil control, which are vital for a smooth and successful transition into primary school.

The Kumon Whitley Bay Study Centre has two young students who are thriving on the programmes; we spoke with their parents to find out exactly how Kumon has helped their daughters get off to a flying start.

Runa enrolled her daughter Mahi onto the Kumon Maths Programme in February last year and, thoroughly impressed with Mahi's progress, enrolled her onto the English programme a few months later.

Aged three, Mahi began developing her counting skills with numbers up to 30. Almost a year later, Mahi has made fantastic progress working through the programme, and is now learning how to add threes and fours, working beyond her school grade level, meaning she is surpassing many of her classmates.

Runa has seen so many benefits in both Mahi's academic and personal development. She said:

"We were given a leaflet at Mahi's nursery which told us of Kumon's two-week Free Trial offer; encouraged by what we learnt, we decided to sign Mahi up to the Free Trial.

"Obviously we stayed on after the initial trial, and over the last year Kumon has really helped Mahi make the most of the potential we knew she had. Her competitive streak has allowed her to excel at Kumon and in school, especially in maths, a subject which she has enjoyed from a very young age. Kumon's daily challenges stimulate and encourage her to do better.

"It has built up Mahi's confidence in a huge way. She is more outspoken and enjoys being the first to answer questions in all areas. The list of skills she has developed is plentiful; how to follow and stick to a routine, problem solving, quick thinking, ability to recognise patterns, her handwriting, creative skills and imagination, she is better able to think outside the box, and many more.

"Her Kumon Instructor Kelly has been amazing! From day one she has been thorough with information about Kumon and is always happy to explain anything further. We receive constant, detailed feedback about Mahi's progress. She is dedicated and reliable, and along with the rest of the staff, Mahi looks forward to seeing them all in class each week.

"Kumon has encouraged Mahi to always do better and will stimulate her to achieve her dreams; I look forward to Mahi's little brother joining her at Kumon very soon."

Four-year-old Asha, also started at the centre in February 2016 following a successful two-week Free Trial.

Her mum, Nicola, described how: "within weeks of joining Kumon, Asha's confidence had grown."

Asha has made great progress, from a starting point of counting up to ten she has worked through three levels of the programme and can confidently add twos and threes with no finger counting in sight. She has further developed her understanding of number recognition, sequencing, and grouping, and has the ability to recognise and complete patterns.

Nicola continued: "Kumon helps Asha make the most of her ability, pushing her to do better but at a comfortable pace. She likes being challenged and encouraged by regular tests and rewards for doing well. She now enjoys learning!

"The worksheets have helped enhance her imagination which she applies to everyday life. Her handwriting has improved and especially her drawing skills for which she has achieved awards at school.

"Kumon has massively helped Asha in her self-esteem and believing in herself. She is not afraid to come forward in answering questions anymore. She recognises and enjoys her strengths and qualities. Kumon makes her happy.

"Into her adolescence, Kumon will have given Asha the confidence to be one step ahead and to not take a back seat. It will help her recognise and enhance her strengths and overcome her weaknesses. I believe Kumon will encourage Asha to be the best she can be.

"As a parent, if you are unsure of what route to take in encouraging your child's learning and development and would like step-by-step support with regular, detailed feedback, then I would highly recommend Kumon.

"Kumon has helped my daughter and my niece to make the most of their potential in a relatively short period of time at a very young age - the confidence it has given them cannot be measured!

"I am very thankful to Kelly and her team."

We love sharing in our students' successes and hearing first-hand from our Kumon families about their experiences; particularly with our early learners hearing how through their Kumon study they are being equipped with the skills and positive attitude to go on to have a bright future.

We wish Mahi and Asha all the best as they continue on their Kumon journeys.