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The Kumon Maths and English Study Programmes enable children of any age and ability to build key learning foundations. Our programmes will not only help your child to become a confident learner, they go one step further than traditional maths or English tuition by equipping them with the skills to learn for themselves. Self-learning is an important skill for children as they journey through education and beyond, building independence and ability to progress without reliance on a teacher. Our study programmes provide an economical way to equip your child with the skills that they need to build a bright future.

After an initial assessment, your child will follow an individualised study programme with work set at just the right level. They complete daily worksheets building skills and fluency in small manageable steps. An Instructor will monitor and guide your child’s learning development to ensure work remains challenging. Kumon study does not follow any curriculum and work is set regardless of age, enabling children to revisit topics or advance far beyond school material without restriction.

Did you know, you can now study Kumon using digital worksheets? This study centre is proud to offer KUMON CONNECT. Click here to find out more.

About the Instructor

I was introduced to Kumon over seven years ago, when a family member started to work at one of the centres, and then opened their own centre. Kumon became part of my life and watching my seven-year old nephew study with Kumon since he was three years old, how it has supported his learning, given him confident and how he is now academically a year ahead at school.  

I have an Accountant and Finance degree, where my love for maths comes from, I have a passion to support and aid others to advance themselves, whilst empowering people to do more and what better than doing this with the young children; to help their growth and desire to keep learning and embedding a skill which they will carried with them their whole life. 

I have seen it first-hand with my nephew, the skills and learning ability which can be taught with the Kumon Method. Now I want to help other children in the local community also achieve this greatness and to discover each child’s potential and enable them to maximise their abilities in Maths and English.

I pride myself on my ability to bring the best out of children, using Kumon and my knowledge to help children flourish, gain confidence and develop self-discipline. From running my own tutoring business, I understand that each child has individual learning processes, and I find it rewarding to help children reach the stage where they can finally say “I did it!”

Please get in touch for more information and I look forward to welcoming you soon.

Class Times

Non-class day
15:30 - 17:30
Non-class day
15:30 - 17:30
Non-class day
Non-class day
Non-class day

How long does study take?

The time taken to complete a day's work may be around 30 minutes per subject. The study time is down to each individual and their current study level. Class times displayed may include a combination of in-centre and online class sessions. Please contact your Instructor for further details.


Registration Fee
£35 One-off fee
What is the Registration Fee?
To get your child started with Kumon study you will pay a one off registration fee to register them as a student
Per subject
£65 Per month

Children attend regular classes either at the study centre or online

Daily worksheets designed for at home and in-centre learning

Popular Questions

Kumon is a self-learning programme with each student receiving regular support from their Instructor. The carefully developed worksheets teach students how to find the answer for themselves, whilst their Instructor offers guidance when necessary. The key role of each Kumon Instructor is to observe their students working, either in the centre or their online class, making sure that work is set at the right level and that they are developing at the right pace.

Students can start learning with Kumon from age two upwards. We currently have students as young as two years old studying with us, ranging all the way up to those about to go to university; Kumon helps children of any age and any ability. The sooner children begin, the earlier they can start developing skills to gain the greatest cumulative benefit; as soon as you feel your family is ready to make the commitment to long-term study, Kumon will be ready to help you achieve your goal.

Kumon offers much more than tutoring and differs from traditional teaching in the classroom. Rather than preparing children for a particular test or assessment, Kumon empowers students to learn for themselves, through individualised instruction and carefully developed worksheets.

As well as developing key skills in maths and English, each Kumon student will work towards building their independent learning skills and confidence in their own abilities. This means that a Kumon student will not be dependent on – or limited by – the skills and knowledge of others.

As a global programme, Kumon does not follow a school curriculum, but rather is complementary to curricula across the world. The primary aim of the Kumon Method is to develop independent learning skills. These independent learning skills enhance the students’ performance right across the school curriculum. Kumon operates at exactly the right level for each student – regardless of their age – ensuring that work set extends and develops their skills, confidence and ability.

Please click here to download a brochure with more details about your child studying with Kumon.

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