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Saturday classes are held at Function Room, River Park Leisure Centre, Gordon Road, Winchester, SO23 7DD between 9.00am - 11.00am 

The Kumon Winchester Study Centre opened in 1996 to welcome students of all ages and abilities. Since then, the centre has grown in strength with an array of children coming through its doors.

Currently based in central Winchester, the centre offers unique Kumon Maths and English Programmes. Students attending the centre vary in age ranging from five to 18 years old. Through the individualised study programme, each Kumon student start their ‘journey’ at the “just-right” level and develop at the ‘right’ pace to suit their needs and abilities.

Complimenting the conventional tuition, Kumon study helps students to develop a positive attitude to study. Through daily study, students establish good learning habits and develop their academic skills, this fosters their learning to find solutions independently even when faced with new challenges.

Students at Kumon Winchester Study Centre are supported by ten well-trained and experienced assistants. At the end of every Kumon visit, your child will talk to the Instructor to discuss their progress, difficulties, and goals. This is also an opportunity to reassess students’ abilities and praise for their achievements and to encourage a positive learning attitude.

Welcome to the Kumon Winchester Study Centre. Thanks for stopping-by while searching for the best formula to grow your child’s learning skills.

As a Kumon parent, I have witnessed first-hand growth of my children’s capabilities as independent learners. Their academic and personal development helped me to establish faith in The Kumon method and inspired me to become an Instructor.

After achieving a PhD degree in Biology, I worked as a research scientist in both industrial and academic environments for 14 years. My many years of immersion in academic disciplines makes me a strong believer in academic excellence. I am also deeply aware of the essential skills that make such learning possible. To me, Kumon is an excellent foundation to help children excel in their maths and English ability.

As an instructor, I find it incredibly rewarding to see children grow in confidence. I also think that it is important to work closely with parents and update them on their child’s progress. Commitment and collaboration provide the best environment for children to achieve their full potential.

I look forward to working with your child and guiding them through an enjoyable Kumon journey.

Class Times

Monday Non-class day
Tuesday 16:30 - 18:45
Wednesday Non-class day
Thursday 16:30 - 18:45
Friday Non-class day
Saturday 09:00 - 11:00
Sunday Non-class day


One off fee
Registration Fee £60
What is the Registration Fee?
To get your child started with Kumon study you will pay a one off registration fee to register them as a student
Per month
Per subject £64.5

Your child will attend the Kumon study centre for up to two days a week

Five other sets of work completed at home each week
 How long does study take?
Study takes around 30 minutes per subject a day, depending on age and level of the work. At the moment, study is at home but classes will be open for study again as soon as it is safe to do so.

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Kumon is a self-learning programme but each student receives regular support from their Instructor. The carefully developed worksheets teach students how to find the answer for themselves, whilst their Instructor offers guidance when necessary. The key role of each Kumon Instructor is to observe their students working, making sure that work is set at the right level and that they are developing at the right pace.

Students can start learning with Kumon from age two upwards. We currently have students as young as two years old studying with us, ranging all the way up to those about to go to university; Kumon helps children of any age and any ability. The sooner children begin, the earlier they can start developing skills to gain the greatest cumulative benefit; as soon as you feel your family is ready to make the commitment to long-term study, Kumon will be ready to help you achieve your goal.

Kumon offers much more than tutoring and differs from traditional teaching in the classroom. Rather than preparing children for a particular test or assessment, Kumon empowers students to learn for themselves, through individualised instruction and carefully developed worksheets.

As well as developing key skills in maths and English, each Kumon student will work towards building their independent learning skills and confidence in their own abilities. This means that a Kumon student will not be dependent on – or limited by – the skills and knowledge of others.

As a global programme, Kumon does not follow a school curriculum, but rather is complementary to curricula across the world. The primary aim of the Kumon Method is to develop independent learning skills. These independent learning skills enhance the students’ performance right across the school curriculum. Kumon operates at exactly the right level for each student – regardless of their age – ensuring that work set extends and develops their skills, confidence and ability.

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