Tips for building your child's confidence

Feb 2012
When it comes to bringing up a child, there is an awful lot to think about. From teaching them right from wrong, to helping them understand the mysteries of life, raising a child is never an easy task.

And one thing that can be harder than anything else is instilling confidence in your child. It is the sort of thing that can't be taught with just a few simple techniques.

There are no easy answers, and building a child's confidence is more of a long-term project than a quick fix. But there are things you can do to help your child develop that all-important confidence in themselves.

Devote quality time
By setting aside time for just you and your child to share, you can boost their self-confidence immeasurably and bring them out of their shell.

So that means no TV, no chores, just you and your child playing a game, taking part in an activity or just having a chat. Encouraging your child to talk and participate more will hopefully help them to develop good social skills.

Take a genuine interest
A great way to build confidence in your child is to respect their interests, and try and take an active interest in them. Engaging with your child and listening to what they have to say will give them a greater feeling of self-worth.

Encourage risk-taking
This doesn't mean asking them to go bungee-jumping or play in the middle of the road, but encouraging your child to try something new and challenging will make them believe in themselves.

If they wish to try their hand at skateboarding or join a dance class, give them some independence and let them learn from their mistakes – their confidence will hopefully increase as a result.

Organise play dates
If your child suffers from shyness around other children, organise a play date with another child at your house. By being in their own home, your child will be more comfortable and more likely to make new friends.