Roald Dahl's unforgettable characters: part 2

Sep 2016
With so many favourite characters to choose from, we thought we'd look at five more.
With so many favourite characters to choose from, we thought we'd look at five more.

To draw to a close our week celebrating the centenary of Roald Dahl's birth, we have turned our attention to one of the reasons we love his stories so much - for their unforgettable characters!

Last year we looked at five of his fictional icons, but with so many to choose from, we thought we'd look at five more.

Miss Trunchball
Miss Agatha Trunchball is the formidable headmistress at Crunchem Hall Primary School in Roald Dahl's Matilda. She is one of the most memorable head teachers in children's fiction, but for all the wrong reasons.

She is brutish, incredibly mean and doesn't even like children. Thanks to Matilda, however, she gets her just deserts.

The title character in Danny, Champion of the World, is a resilient and resourceful young boy. Danny leads a simple life living in a gypsy caravan with his dad, and he is happy with his lot. He is always mucking in and helping his dad with chores, at work, and is a massive support to him. And like a typical nine-year-old boy he relishes in the chance to experience some adventure.

Mr Fox
Mr Fox is a family man who uses his wits and brains to support his wife and their four children, in Fantastic Mr Fox. He is clever and skilful - able to outsmart the three local farmers by stealing their livestock from right under their noses. Even when circumstances begin to look bleak for Mr Fox, he takes charge and comes up with a cunning plan to save his family and friends.

Sophie is the young heroine in Roald Dahl's much-loved The BFG. She is 'kidsnatched' from her bed at the orphanage by the BFG after catching sight of him at work, distributing good dreams. Far from being afraid, Sophie is courageous and brave, and quickly befriends the BFG. She is clever too, and comes up with the idea which helps save the human race from the horrible giants in Giant Country.

Mr Hoppy
One of Roald Dahl's newer characters, Esio Trot's Mr Hoppy is a shy, old man who cleverly plays to his strengths and wins the heart of his elderly neighbour Mrs Silver. He uses his intelligence, Mrs Silver's pet tortoise Alfie, and some serious manoeuvring skills to bring them closer together.

There really are so many loveable, smart, funny, and wicked characters in Roald Dahl's literary hall of fame, and it is with thanks to his vivid imagination and great capacity for storytelling that we are able to keep company with them today.

So why not round off your Roald Dahl week by reconnecting with some of your favourite characters this weekend?