From Kumon early learner to 11+ exam champion!

Nov 2019

Cameron from the Ilford Seven Kings study centre has become a recent ‘Kumon English Completer’, meaning that he has developed a higher-level reading ability, strong memorisation and good comprehension equivalent to a student studying GCSE or the Scottish Higher curriculum. Cameron is 10 years of age and still in primary school, and in September he sat the local education authority’s 11+ exams for a place at a grammar school in his borough. Having developed his study skills from an early age, it is no surprise that Cameron passed the 11+ exams with flying colours! He says, “I feel confident taking tests and I felt able to focus. I’m proud that I was able to pass the 11+ exams.”

In 2011, when he was just three years old, his mother became a Kumon Instructor and Cameron’s early journey with Kumon began. Being introduced to the maths and English study programmes at a young age gave him the benefit of being able to build his numeracy and literacy skills before starting school. This is something that has set him in good stead and has allowed him to thrive in his education so far. Cameron feels that he was given a head start in school as he progressed from early learner pencil skills worksheets to begin studying both the Kumon maths and English programmes before he started school.

He says, “The programmes have really pushed and challenged me, but they have helped me persevere in school. My comprehension has improved, and I am top of my class in maths!”

Like many children, he did not always feel like studying every day and when the levels progressed and the work became harder, naturally Cameron had to really challenge himself, something he now appreciates and feels proud for achieving.

“I have gone from sometimes crying my eyes out in frustration, to now feeling really confident in my studies.” He has now completed the entire Kumon English programme and is on his way to completing the maths programme too!

His father believes that Cameron’s early engagement with the Kumon programmes has positively shaped who he is today; “Cameron has become very self-driven and has shown an excellent work ethic. We never have to tell him to do his work, he knows what is expected of him and gets on with it. He is able to self-study high level maths with little support from us, which has helped him to think more logically for himself. He has developed his vocabulary and his comprehension skills are already beyond his years. His confidence has grown, and he now has the drive to push himself further.”

In addition to improving his maths and English, studying the programmes has also given Cameron experience of working in a focused way with pace and agility. Over the past seven years, he has developed the skills required to excel in exams, including improved concentration skills and having the ability to read questions.

Commenting on how the programmes prepared his son for the 11+ exams, his father says, “Cameron didn’t need additional tuition to prepare for the exams. The Kumon programmes gave him the solid foundation he needed. With just his usual daily work at home during the school holidays, he was able to achieve high scores. Now he is in the fortunate position to have many grammar schools to choose from.”

His family couldn’t be prouder of Cameron and his commitment to his Kumon studies. Kumon has helped him develop fundamental skills that will set him up for life! These skills are transferable across all of his subjects at school and will certainly help him as he transitions to secondary education and starts at a grammar school next year.

Well done Cameron and we wish you the best of luck as you embark on your next academic steps.