Ponteland student reaches her full potential

Feb 2018
"Kumon has definitely given her the edge in class."

Mille enrolled as a Kumon Maths student at the Ponteland study centre in September 2014. Although she was doing well in maths, Mille was looking for more of a challenge, and her mum, Anne-Mette, felt Kumon would allow her daughter to be the best she could be and to feel more confident at school.

Now 13 years old, Mille has developed her knowledge of algebra and is currently studying factorisation, square roots, parabolas and Pythagoras' theorem - work two years beyond her school grade.

Mille said: "I am now in the highest maths set at school and Kumon has definitely helped me get there. I know how to do most of my school work because I have already done it in Kumon. The practice I get through completing the worksheets means I know topics really well which helps me with exams and tests.

"I am also much better at completing my work with speed and accuracy."

What Mille enjoys most about Kumon is reaching the higher levels of the programme and completing calculations she couldn't do before. She said: "Kumon helps me reach my full potential, it challenges me in ways that my school doesn't."

Anne-Mette added: "Kumon has definitely given her the edge in class. She's gained the skills and confidence to aim for the top. The maths programme is very structured and whilst not easy, it teaches the skills more thoroughly than there's often time for in school. The extra commitment of Kumon can be challenging, but the results speak for themselves."

Mille has been motivated and supported throughout her Kumon journey not only by her mum, but also by her Instructor Liz, who she's got great words to say about: "My Instructor Liz is very nice and helpful. She makes sure I fully understand each level and challenges me to keep progressing." Anne-Mette added: "Liz is fantastic, she has a lovely way with the students, you can tell they all like and respect her. She is kind and encouraging."

Thinking about how Kumon will benefit her in the future Mille concluded: "I would like to be an architect when I am older. For this job you need to be good at maths and calculating sums quickly - I feel like Kumon will help me with this."

The Kumon programmes are suitable for children of all ages and abilities. Whether you'd like your child to get ahead like Mille, catch up to their peers or develop great work skills, why not book a Free Assessment at your local Kumon study centre and see what they can achieve?