Seven-year-old Charlie thrives thanks to Kumon

Jun 2017
"Charlie loves going to class. He loves receiving the certificates and medals each time he moves up a level - it is a great joy to see how delighted and proud he is."

Seven-year-old Charlie has been studying on Kumon's unique maths and English programmes at the Canada Water Study Centre for two and a half years.

Due to the family's relocation, Charlie will be continuing his study at a centre nearer his new home in South London; however, Charlie and his mum, Wakako, are extremely grateful to Instructor Snezhana and her team at the Kumon Canada Water Study Centre, who have supported Charlie throughout his Kumon journey so far, and helped him go on to achieve more than they could have expected.

When Wakako contacted the centre at the end of 2014, she wasn't sure if Kumon was the right programme for her four year old son. As Charlie has autism she was very concerned that he would struggle to sit down and concentrate on his work when other children were around.

Rather than dramatically improve his academic ability, Wakako wanted Charlie to be able to focus whilst in a quiet classroom environment and develop good work skills; however, two and a half years later, Wakako thinks Charlie has performed "so much better that anyone expected, through Kumon".

She said: "I am really, really happy with Charlie's progress with Kumon; he has quite unexpectedly improved in academic attainment, as well as developed good study skills. Kumon has helped him maximise his potential, and enrolling him at an early age has had a huge influence.

"Charlie loves going to class. He loves receiving the certificates and medals each time he moves up a level - it is a great joy to see how delighted and proud he is. We even put his certificates up on the wall at home.

"The daily routine of Kumon means Charlie has become used to sitting quietly and working independently on his work, and he is able to repeat this at school.

"Charlie has already impressed his new Year 2 school teacher by solving all but three questions from a Year 5 maths test independently, despite his young age.

"Both Charlie and I have learnt so much during his time studying with Kumon and it is amazing that he did so much better than anyone expected. I really hope Charlie's experience encourages other parents of children with disabilities to give Kumon a try."

Snezhana, Charlie's Kumon Instructor, added: "'When Wakako called me and said that her son is autistic, I didn't know much about it, nor how to instruct a child with autism; however, I trusted the Kumon programme, which allows each child to follow their own individual study plan and we decided to give it a try. I was curious to see how it would work, and Charlie's enrolment encouraged me to research and learn more about how to support children with Special Educational Needs.

"We took it one step at the time, I worked closely with Charlie's parents, observed him every class to understand how he learns best and within months Charlie was already working ahead of his school grade for maths, and after just a year he was learning material two to three years ahead of his peers. I was amazed and kept challenging him, prepared that at a certain point he would say that this new topic is too hard - but this moment never came. Exactly the opposite, Charlie always came to class very enthusiastic and ready to try something new. I loved the smile on his face any time he saw he was moving onto a new topic.

"Charlie is only in Year 2 but adds fractions and changes denominators with ease. I was glad to hear that he did so well at his new school entry test but obviously it didn't surprise me at all because this is what we do best at Kumon - show our students and parents that children have unlimited potential."

It is amazing to hear how Charlie's commitment and hard work at Kumon has helped him realise his true potential.

We wish Charlie well as he continues on his Kumon journey at his new study centre.