Kumon's work with schools

More than 60 years' experience

Kumon has worked collaboratively with schools across the United Kingdom, partnering with them to help their students build both academic and soft skills. The Kumon Maths and English programmes are complementary to the school curriculum, building solid foundations in both key subjects, along with skills that transfer across all areas. The Kumon worksheets help to develop students’ self-learning ability, encouraging them to work out solutions for themselves. Enabling them in this way, coupled with setting work at just the right level, builds confidence in their own abilities.

Many schools see the benefit of Kumon study for their students thanks to individually tailored learning programmes for each child, regardless of age or ability. This means that those falling behind their peers can revisit topics until they grasp them, build their confidence and reach school grade level and beyond, whilst those who excel academically can be stretched to their potential.

Our work with the Ham Dingle Primary School in Stourbridge

Kirstin Lewis, Assistant Head Teacher, says: “I would definitely recommend Kumon to other schools because it gives children their love of learning back and shows them that they can achieve.”

Giles Storch, Head Teacher, says: “The new curriculum has a big focus on mental arithmetic – our Kumon children will absolutely thrive on that and it will be a great bonus for children doing their SATs in year 5 and 6.”


Student Success Stories

At Kumon we nurture confident, independent learners who experience success both inside and outside of the classroom.

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