Kumon with schools

More than 60 years' experience

As the UK’s leading supplementary education provider, Kumon has been working in partnership with schools nationwide for many years, seeing first-hand the benefits brought to students of all ages and abilities. Teachers tell us they like that:

  • The Kumon programmes are complementary to the school curriculum
  • The child’s assessment identifies what the child can do and any gaps in their learning
  • Students start at a comfortable level, allowing them to build confidence, concentration and pace, before progressing
  • All students have an individualised study plan which clearly demonstrates the student’s progress
  • The work at Kumon is designed so students work out solutions for themselves
  • A trained Kumon Instructor works alongside them

How can Kumon help?

Kumon is proud to be recognised as an education provider that delivers proven academic results. An independent study, conducted by the Education Policy Institute in England in 2020, found that Kumon pupils significantly outperform their peers in their Key Stage 2 SATs; achieving scores that place them over a year ahead of the national average, and over six months ahead of their matched peers in maths. You can read a summary of the results here.

Our work with the Ham Dingle Primary School in Stourbridge

Jacqui Grace, Head Teacher, says: “When we invited Lisa, the Kumon Instructor, to talk with us, we were very quickly reassured by what Lisa showed us and we felt there were some children who would definitely benefit from a different approach, but still working closely with ourselves."


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Kumon with schools – Success Stories

Kumon partner with schools across the UK in a variety of ways, supporting children to better access the school curriculum.
Year 3 student, Alan, from St Giles Primary School, truly flourished through the school’s partnership with Kumon.
More and more students at school are discovering how they too can better access the curriculum at school with Kumon.