Harry is benefiting from increasing success and his school teachers are noticing a big difference in his ability.

In February 2017, after a positive experience on Kumon’s two-week Free Trial, Harry enrolled at the Weybridge study centre on Kumon’s maths and English study programmes. He has since established a daily study routine and his mum, Linda is thrilled with his progress in both maths and English at school, and the effect that this has had on his confidence.

Seven-year-old Harry has demonstrated his commitment to the Kumon programmes through his ongoing enthusiasm – “I like coming to the Kumon study centre because it is quiet, and I like to do my work.” [ Click here for full story ]

Toru Kumon understood the importance of consistent and diligent study in order to achieve success.

A new family coming to Kumon may question the necessity of daily study for their child’s success on the programmes: “He’s busy with other extracurricular activities throughout the week, can he do his Kumon every other day?”

Asking our students to study every day is indeed a big commitment which requires dedication and perseverance, but we take this approach because we believe completing an appropriate amount of work on a regular basis is simply more effective for the student than having longer study sessions with extended breaks. [ Click here for full story ]

We believe developing a love for reading is the cornerstone to all other education.

At Kumon, we believe developing a love for reading is the cornerstone to all other education. Here are a few suggestions for ways to encourage your child to read and really benefit from the gains of engaging with literature:

1. Find a book that interests them: half of the battle is finding a way for a child to engage with literature without it feeling like a chore so finding something they are interested in can be a great way to open the door. [ Click here for full story ]

“Kumon has definitely given her the edge in class.”

Mille enrolled as a Kumon Maths student at the Ponteland study centre in September 2014. Although she was doing well in maths, Mille was looking for more of a challenge, and her mum, Anne-Mette, felt Kumon would allow her daughter to be the best she could be and to feel more confident at school.

Now 13 years old, Mille has developed her knowledge of algebra and is currently studying factorisation, square roots, parabolas and Pythagoras’ theorem – work two years beyond her school grade. [ Click here for full story ]