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Expansion in Bangladesh brings Kumon’s total to 55 countries and regions

Sep 2019

Expansion in Bangladesh brings Kumon’s total to 55 countries

Kumon has officially expanded its operations in Bangladesh in partnership with the world’s largest NGO, BRAC in Dhaka City. BRAC, is the international development organisation based in Bangladesh and was established in 1972 after the independence of Bangladesh. They fund education initiatives and run more than 22,000 primary schools, often in rural areas. The small schools offer the core subjects and work to improve education for the poorest communities as well as working to reduce the gap between male and female attendance in schools.  

The Kumon Education Research Group and BRAC initially launched a pilot project in 2015 by introducing Kumon mathematics at some existing BRAC schools for eight months to verify the effectiveness of the Kumon Method. The results showed that their maths ability was greatly increased and the motivation for learning was raised as the children's proficiency level and calculation speed increased.

Subsequently, in 2017, Kumon opened the first Kumon study centre, directly managed by BRAC in the capital city of Dhaka City. Both the centres provide international standard education to students and offer the Kumon Maths programme to children aged four to 14.

Due to the effectiveness and huge response to the launch of Kumon, BRAC Kumon aims to have 32 more centres in Dhaka by 2023. Additionally, BRAC will introduce the Kumon Method into their already established network of primary schools to allow those students most in need to benefit.

Kumon also plans to recruit and train local Instructors to run franchised maths and English study centres. BRAC Kumon Limited is now working on introducing a Bengali version of their English as a Foreign Language programme in 2020.